The truth is life is not as mysterious as some make it out to be. Sometimes people like to feel captured otherwise they don’t trust they will stay

 Life is NOT as mysterious as some make it out to be.


Sometimes people like to feel they are captured otherwise they do not trust that they will stay. That’s the whole point. This world is our playground…our stage…our drama.
Some of us chose the path of most resistance for accelerated growth.
There is more freedom and option in this life than we sometimes want to believe, and sometimes need to believe. Denial has its place, but can be transcended.
No you are not mad, or failing, or really bad at this thing we call life.
Guilt is a waste of your energy. It keeps you stuck. Conflict is far more productive than guilt, but it means going against the norm. Guilty people do not rebel.
You can work through it by understanding it. Be mindful of your self-talk, acknowledging the chatter within the labyrinth of your mind itself takes courage and opens up to a new level of awareness.
When we have an impartial view of our polarities and accept them, we can navigate the middle path. Its the dose that makes the poison.
As a witness to your inner content you can start editing out any negative looping voices and consciously choose & create new positive thoughts. You begin to manifest your joy in life.
Try not to punish yourself for not ‘getting it.’ Try not to resort to your favorite means of escape to drown the pain you feel when you hit yet another extreme and miss the middle ground. And try not to jump onto an external brandwagon that promises to hurtle you towards all you want to know.
Psychic mediums are either making it up, or are deluded into believing that inner knowing is an outer voice. Its just your spirit talking. 
Spirit, soul, your essence, cannot be defined as a cognitive template that the mind superimposes on it to make it comprehensible. Where there is a need the market rushes in to fill the space with ‘get rich’ schemes. Even spiritual wealth is a farce and still relies on the external.
Listen to your inner voice instead. It simply needs to be empowered.
If you are in this place, then you are so much closer than you think.
This is where faith is required. Not blind faith, the tool of idealists, but the type where you do your shadow work, where you go to the depths of hell and come back wiser and invincible.
The truth is we chose this. We created this. That slap in the face you thought the universe sent you was actually your idea. It WILL all make sense, even whilst in our human bodies using our human minds. Your mind is not your enemy.  Neither is science. The truth CAN be proved through empirical exploration as long as you include what is missing from the mainstream body of knowledge.
This world is not to be escaped, but is your playground to thrive and grow in. Do create contrast and drama so you can construct yourself.
Its just in the first few steps which are the most difficult. Say NO to the echoes of others who re-enforce beliefs of what you should have according to conditioning, leaving little room for your true will. There is no need to define it, or do what you think ought to be done. Summon all your self-love and trust, and allow what is within to emerge.
Happiness is not a reward, its a consequence.
..and Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.
No one else can give this to you but YOU
The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion….the tunnel is!

One day you will choose truth.

In the end…and at the beginning….you will get the joke.

John West – Gravity

Note – April 2, 2019.

Hi Everyone. I have decided that my last ‘Mirror’ post a few days ago was my last. I think I am happily done. I will be discontinuing this site shortly. Please stay in touch with me at truthiam.com@gmail.com. I’m also happy to continue my readings. You can pay it forward. Thank you for all your feedback and messages. I am so happy to have connected with a few souls through this site.


Maybe we’ll bump into each other again one day Stargazing

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