2 thoughts on “Depression: A flag of Transformation

  1. My deepest, most sincere Gratitude to you. I was guided to this post and now I know just how beautiful what I’m going through truly is. I am just graduating the soil, and have no clue what lies ahead. It’s frightening and a lot to handle. I’m trusting it, though, and anticiating more than I could have ever imagined!

    Your beautiful post allowed me to visualize the process, which helps A TON!!

    Love, Light and Gratitude!

    Your Lighted Sister,


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    1. Beautiful Sunny..I am so happy my post has provided you with some assurance. I always find it challenging to put the intangible into words, so its lovely when they light up someone’s path even if just a little. This world is too amazing to not allow the path to unfold! Love and blessings to you from your sister bloomer x

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