Mercury Transit Across the Sun May 2016

The below is re-posted in honour of the most intuitive astrologer to grace this earth, Jonathan Cainer, who passed away last week on May 2, 2016

(Reference: A glimpse of Mercury)

Mercury will begin its transit at 7:12 am EST on May 9 and take about 7.5 hours to fully cross the Sun (@19 degrees Taurus).

Taurus is the sign of Material manifestation and so changes will occur on a global scale in this area.  Also, if you have anything in Taurus in your personal natal chart,  then May 2016 will be the seeding of massive change in this area.

The last seed that was planted by a similar transit was November 2006 in Scorpio. Its the end of an epoch, and the beginning of another!

Also, on this same day Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, moves forward. When he does this, one area of your life will bring lucky breaks, perfectly timed opportunities and stunning solutions. Which area of your life is affected?

Aries: ‘A dark cloud will become a pale mist’


You commence 2016 in a quizzical mood, scrutinising various commitments and asking: ‘Must I really be stuck with these?’

It is as if you can sense the possibility of greater freedom. You are right to stop feeling as if second best is the best that you can get.

This year, you need no longer be overshadowed by the suspicion that if you try something and fail, the consequences will be immense.

That doesn’t mean you are about to become reckless: it is simply that, this year, you will see through something that was previously opaque.

A dark cloud will become a pale mist. If you keep looking into it, you will eventually see the sunshine of genuine opportunity.

Allow this to lighten your heart and raise your spirits, then discover how much being more enthusiastic helps.

This won’t just brighten your worldly prospects, it will help you get on better with the people around you and enjoy life more.

This year’s rare Transit of Mercury suggests that what once looked as if it was going to stand in your way for ever is either about to get out of your way — or you are going to find a way round it.

Taurus: ‘Finally, you begin to feel, not arrogant, but sure of yourself’


The rare Transit of Mercury in your sign, this year, brings a revelation about who you really are, what you are supposed to be doing and what truly matters.

Lately, you have begun to wonder whether certain people really care about what you think.

Now, finally, you begin to feel, not arrogant, but sure of yourself.

Soon you will feel able to trust yourself more than ever. People like to be around confident people.

That frame of mind is infectious as well as attractive. This year, people will feel they can share with you what is in their heart or on their mind, and that you will understand.

Growing confidence will also mean you get treated with greater respect. More invitations will come your way and more hands of friendship will be extended as people recognise you can make a worthwhile contribution.

In 2016, it becomes easier for you to make ends meet. Many of your worldly, material and financial aspirations will become more attainable.

Wherever you have a heartfelt desire, a dream you want to come true or an aspect of your life you want to change, you’ll be blessed with inspiration to pick the right path!

Gemini: ‘You have more strength than you realise’


The world often seems to be full of powerful people who don’t recognise how powerful they are.

You have more strength than you realise but, because you don’t realise it, you are not always able to use it effectively.

The big change that comes over your life this year is a subtle transformation of consciousness.

As you begin to understand yourself better, so you become more able to influence the outcome of key processes and to ensure that what you do has the right result.

The most significant changes of 2016 all come from a process of subtle personal evolution which involves you looking into the mirror of your soul and seeing a reflection which offers more depth, clarity and useful insight.

We think we know ourselves, yet, once in a while, we surprise ourselves.

This year’s rare Transit of Mercury, where your ruling planet passes directly in front of the Sun, heralds a surprise that is both delightful and real. You will discover greater abilities and strengths than you had previously realised and be able to effect simple changes with enormous consequences.

In 2016, you’ll become more aware of how to achieve a lot with less effort than you expected.







Cancer: ‘There is one particular person, it seems, whom you’re extraordinarily eager to please’


You are more prone than most to going out of your way for others.

This year, you become clearer about when and where to draw a line.

You won’t turn into the kind of person who finds it all too easy to say ‘no’ and let people down.

But sometimes, to just freely give somebody what they want is not to give anybody what they need.

There is one particular person, it seems, whom you’re extraordinarily eager to please. This is impeding your freedom. The question you must ask in 2016 is, how far should you keep bending to suit them? Might it make more sense to stand further back?

You can do a lot for others this year, but you should always act out of inspiration, not obligation. You can make sacrifices — but these should be because you feel genuinely moved, not because you somehow feel guilty. The contrast in motivation is all the difference in the world.

It is the difference between feeling as if you are ‘just about coping’ and feeling that you are really enjoying life. The rare Transit of Mercury, in 2016, blesses you with the genuine potential to find real magic every single day.






Leo: ‘You will build better bridges, turning superficial links into much deeper bonds’


‘Why should I listen to him if he will not listen to me?’

One of the greatest difficulties to emerge in any process of negotiation is a tendency to forget that if you want to be understood, you have to be willing to understand.

There’s deep symbolism in the 2016 Transit of Mercury.

It speaks of a change that will affect you all year as you step out of a negative pattern and open up to an exciting new possibility.

You will build better bridges, turning superficial links into much deeper bonds.

You may also discover that you don’t know quite as much about someone as you think you do. From this, inspiring developments will ensue.

Don’t, therefore, feel threatened or offended by changes that you perceive in someone. Allow a relationship to evolve positively.

This will allow you to evolve too! The comments above don’t apply only to your emotional life. Glorious opportunity awaits you in 2016, wherever you can move your life on and let someone else do the same.

Where a catalogue of difficulties may have beset you emotionally and materially, now a cavalcade of advantages will come rolling into your life.






Virgo: ‘There may even be times when you’re not sure exactly what you’re listening to’


Listening to your inner voice is rather like listening to an old-fashioned radio. The signal varies.

There may even be times when you’re not sure exactly what you’re listening to. But experience soon helps you fine-tune the signal.

This year’s transit of your ruler, Mercury, is a promise that the broadcast which will prove most useful all year will be Radio Guardian Angel.

This is not a time to be deciding that you don’t believe in spirit beings. It is a year to recognise that all of us are, effectively, spirits, ‘being’.

If you can improve your understanding of your own spirit, this will help you form deeper affinities with kindred spirits. When your inner angel resonates with someone else’s inner angel, it can help you both bring to fruition things that you would most like to happen.

The Transit of Mercury insists that if you trust your true self, the part of yourself that you are not even sure you dare look at, lest its light is so bright it blinds you, your inner angel will guide you to where you need to be at every level, material and emotional.







Libra: ‘You begin to understand where your advantages are’


This year, you begin to understand where your advantages are and what might be working against you. In the past, you have confused what’s good for you with what’s not so beneficial!

We all think to ourselves, ‘Oh, I’m good at this’ or, ‘Here, I’m out of my depth’. The world divides, on a kind of inner weighing scale, into things which make us feel lighter, and those which burden us.

But sometimes we end up putting some aspect of our life into the wrong category. The older we get, the less inclined we feel to experiment. History doesn’t always repeat itself. Yet the one thing we can always say for sure about the new is that we don’t know what it will bring.

In 2016, the rare Transit of Mercury suggests you need to look at what you once may have wanted to look away from. There may well be an alternative available to you that’s better or wiser, more productive or more fulfilling.

By the simple act of allowing yourself to consider that, you are taking a big, brave, step into a potentially better future. The more that you experiment, the more rewarded you will be.






Scorpio: ‘You will later look back on 2016 with great satisfaction’


You will later look back on 2016 with great satisfaction.

Life’s trials and tribulations will eventually lead to rewards which make a significant difference to the way you feel. Too often, we get our memories and imaginations mixed up.

We think about the things which have happened and tell ourselves that our futures will be defined by them. Because we keep our imaginations and our memories in similar parts of our minds, they mix and merge.

But this year starts with Mars in your sign, and goes on to bring a rare Transit of Mercury with great symbolic inference for every Scorpio. It turns you into a force for change.

Although you might like the idea of becoming a person who wields so much influence and authority, wherever you can achieve consensus, you should try for it, even if it slows down your journey.

For too long, something has been stable to the point of stale. Someone has to lead that journey to progress.

Whether or not that is normally your role, the cosmos now grants you the acumen and necessary insight to be a person who makes a positive difference to the lives of many other people.






Sagittarius: ‘This year, it is as if you are climbing a mountain’


This year, it is as if you are climbing a mountain. Each day, you have to get out your ice pick and crack on with the endless ascent. Even by the end of the year, you may still have a long way to go.

But why did you want to climb it in the first place? The path you are following now is all about something you want to do, somewhere you want to go, something you want to change.

Saturn visits your sign only once every 28 years or so.

It brings an opportunity to do something that will make a difference for the next three decades.

It may be putting you through a lot — but were you not having to make some compromises regardless?

You are now doing the one thing most likely to liberate you from what otherwise may be an age of unsatisfactory settlements. All you have to do is stop telling yourself that somehow it can’t happen.

The message of the rare Transit of Mercury which will echo through your mind all year is simple. This is your mountain. You did choose it. And you are going to make such delightful, pleasing progress this year.







Capricorn: ‘You are about to start recognising the potential that you have always had’


They say that people born under your sign are like fine wines. They mature slowly and improve with age. As you now grow another year older, you are becoming more sure of yourself.

People born under your sign are supposed to work very hard and not care how much is demanded of them, as long as they get a chance to take on more responsibilities.

This may be a year during which you actually begin to understand why they say such things.

You are about to start recognising the potential that you have always had but have not perhaps been able to use.

This powerful year brings Saturn ever further into the 12th house of your solar chart, plus a rare Transit of Mercury. This enables you to see what is possible.

Often, we don’t really trust what we can imagine. We feel it is too airy-fairy. Thus we doubt our own ability to fulfil our dreams, especially if we are unfortunate enough to share our time with people who are similarly doubtful.

Yet in 2016, regardless of who or what may now be sapping your strength, there is a way forward. You’ll make positive progress and enjoy it tremendously.






Aquarius: ‘Great expectations will be raised’


You may experience a sense of dramatic tension as you first enter 2016.

Great expectations will be raised. But you may then have to adjust to a real-time, real-world process which takes longer than you might wish.

Yet the historic Transit of Mercury is about to show you how, after a slow uphill struggle, you are about to start coasting to delightful success.

Hope has been like a little flickering flame within you since you first arrived on the planet. There have been times when you have begun to suspect it has been extinguished.

Yet now it is as if it somehow lights a small fire. It may only be smouldering so far — but then, that is very good considering how much it could otherwise consume you.

Be grateful for what seems slow or just beyond your reach. It is not yet ready for you because you are not yet ready for it.

You really will eventually connect with it. But this has to happen at a sustainable pace.

It won’t be too much longer before, emotionally and materially, you feel very happy with the way the year has taken you down the right road, at the right pace.






Pisces: ‘This year will be a most encouraging one’


This year will be a most encouraging one. But you must remember that opportunity often hovers around us wearing a cloak of invisibility.

It only reveals itself if we start looking for it.

We are always capable of achieving magic but we have to believe in our own ability.

Every time we lose faith, we make it harder for a benevolent universe to be kind to us.

The real question to ask this year is not, ‘What do my stars have in store?’ but, ‘How can I make sure those stars give me what I need?’

The rare Transit of Mercury insists that whether what is limiting you is a lack of imagination or a sense of guilt or fear, it is nothing that you can’t beat.

If events cause you to wonder how you missed out or why someone else did better than you, be glad for their gains, not sorry for your loss.

Trust not only that the universe wants to help you, but that if it helps somebody else, that isn’t happening at your expense. That will engender the right kind of understanding, which will become yet one more reason why 2016 ends up being a year of deep delight.




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