April 2015


You are coming up with quite the strategy. Doing that is a far better idea than just responding to things in the heat of the moment. Ensure that your aggressive survivor side is tempered with some well thought out ‘what-if’ scenarios. The best way to do this is to see things from anothers’ point of view, no matter how much you could never imagine peering at the whole situation from their side, stretch that imagination of yours, and show mercy.


You have caught the attention of some powerful people. Eyes and ears are pointed your way and the best thing about this is that you are oblivious to who. Don’t even try to guess who.  Your authenticity is being recognized.


You are dropping off the face of the earth in one respect, but your inner light is brighter than ever. There are a few souls who will warm to this. These are the people that matter. Consider this a month where you fine-tune your filter and find some authentic souls that you would like to keep close by and perhaps in your life for the long term.


There is some important news coming your way. Communication is key. Incoming information is dependent on your ability to quiet distractions so that your ability to listen is amplified. You’ll know it when it drops into your consciousness. Keep it in the bank, you will benefit from this news for years to come and life will be a whole lot easier.


The game is on! Its not about the glory or the fame, this is about what you want to be each and every day regardless of who is in, or not in, your circle. This is about the nucleus of your existence. The stuff that transcends the daily temporary happenings. This is a game you will not lose. And guess what, it will be fun, just listen.


Today we can travel without ever leaving our seats. Your potential is much larger and wider than you think. Your role behind the scenes is going to impact a very large audience. Don’t know what it is you want to put out there? You have an opportunity to tap into a resource that has been there all along. Your intuition is very eager to be heard.


You have a natural ability to land on this earth in the most wonderful places at the most convenient of times. You see beyond relative facts and recognize the important things that never change no matter what country or culture. You survive based on the truths that are inherent. Tap into one of those truths now, its the foundation you currently need to prosper.


There has never been a better time than now to ask questions. Collect information and blend in your own answers to make it yours. You’re not plagiarising life, you are mixing and matching and blending it all in your cauldron. This month is preparation for an alchemical transformation coming very soon.


Sometimes you need an outsider to infiltrate your world and give you insight into a facet of yourself you could not possibly see without them serving as your mirror.  You are being given an opportunity to enhance and improve something that is very important to you, and all you have to do is meet the situation (or person) halfway, and be open to what they bring to the table.


Although you don’t know exactly what is driving you forward, other than anxiety over the alternative, you are focussed and moving ahead. Be prepared to expect some people to see you not merely as self-possessed, but self-obsessed and closed off to anything that does not serve your purpose. Although it is difficult to see very far past your immediate needs and goals of survival, you still have the good of all at heart, even if some people suspect other motives. Time will tell, and quiet your critics.


Something is going to expand in your life which has everything to do with another soul (or souls). Get ready for a wave of accelerated growth. Change your mind if your mind is fixed on one perspective. Expect good things.


A large shift in consciousness is overtaking your perception. The most effective way to succeed in a revolution is to work it from the inside out, and yes you know what that means.


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