August 2015


If you want things to progress, if you want real, meaningful, positive change to come to your life, all you have to do is concede that there are many things you do not know enough about. Simply by acknowledging this you start to become a real expert in the art of living a successful life! AND, the best thing about relinquishing control is that you allow other people in, other people who are not only itching to shine, but to shine for you. Someone has been waiting to come along and give you the gift of their support. Partnerships can be formed from a distance also. No such thing as time and space when it comes to intimacy, especially when its not the sexual type.


Does life always have to be full of hassle, headache and heartache? Absolutely and emphatically NO. There has to be a bit of this from time to time. There probably even has to be a lot of it at certain crucial stages in our development. We don’t though, need to expect trouble at every turn or feel obliged to assume that if there’s tension, somewhere in our world, it must be heading our way. You have a clear choice at the moment. You can either dive into a pool of strife… or skirt safely round the edge of it. And now, the key question. If you do try to avoid trouble; will everything be OK? No, of course not. Everything is never OK. The most a person can realistically hope for is a situation in which most things are reasonably good. That’s a point worth making before we go any further, just to ensure that you and I are pitching our level of expectation at roughly the same level. Having cleared that up, we can now move on to your prediction. The planets are putting you on charge and leaving you alone. This is giving you the power to make good things happen. Everything, within reason, is about to turn out to be very much OK!


Something is beginning to occur to you. An idea is arising, an insight is starting to form in the back of your mind. That’s why you feel edgy and irritated. You are not quite sure what you are cooking up. You suspect that it could cause you to alter several plans. You feel you ought to postpone them, just in case. Yet you face pressure to get things done. You are going through a creative process that can’t be speeded up but which is worth trusting. A brainwave soon, will transform some aspect of your life. Get ready for one of those glorious ’A ha’ moments. You may not come up with an invention or discover a new scientific principle but there will be a moment of clarity followed by a strong understanding of what needs to happen next. This will help you in a number of ways, not all of them immediately obvious. The more you think about what you are starting to see the sense of, the more connotations and implications it will have. So don’t please, be put off by the slightly hairy, scary way that the sky presents the initial realisation. Trust what you are coming to understand and trust too that, once you have understood it you will be able to explain it to others. Your powers of persuasive communication are about to reach a new peak. How will you use this power?


Many people seem to think that the gap between success and failure is as wide as the Grand Canyon. But you and I know that its actually more like a hairline crack. A slight shift on your part can topple your world into either result. And then sometimes no matter how careful you try to be, some factors will always come down to luck of the draw. You can be within an inch of triumph yet end up in terrible trouble, or vice versa. But a miss is as good as a mile. Just for the record, you are now heading towards a somewhat spectacular victory. It’s only your fears that will be your undoing if anything. Ignore all fears to the contrary. Command them away, and they will go. Oh, and someone has been there for you for a while now. Your denial is not doing your situation due justice. Let them in.


Why can’t everything be wonderful? What stops the world from being a bright, happy place? I can offer you the long reason if you have a year to spare for the explanation. Or, if you prefer, I can just give the abridged version. Nothing! Or, at least, nothing very much. We think up a million reasons to worry. We find it all too easy to identify problems and difficulties. Yet the planet remains, in essence, a beautiful place. This month you have some happy visitors that don’t always come in human form. Life is a precious gift. We have come here to enjoy ourselves, not to suffer. Every so often, life gives us a glorious reminder of this inspiring truth. That’s what it’s giving you now.


Unlike your polar opposite Pisces, in order for you to feel connected to a set of spiritual beliefs, they have to make sense to you mentally as well. Where Pisces feels first and rationalises later, you activate your analytical skills like a sword, wielded to cut through a thick forest with the rest in you in tow. Yes, you get the joke mentioned in last month’s write up, but you want to digest it still the way you do best, through deliberation. That’s ok. You mind is not your enemy, it’s a tool. You can deepen your spiritual awareness and practice by actively seeking out new sources of information and insight. Your intellectual abilities will express what is in the depth of your subconscious. You will grasp things and communicate them so that others will feel magic is at play. You will simply tap into a universal consciousness that has been there all along.


Problems provide purpose. We all know what we are supposed to be doing if we have a difficulty to resolve or an obstacle to get round. We take some pleasure in playing the role of a trouble-shooter. And then, if someone says, ‘there is no need for this’ or, ‘it doesn’t matter,’ we don’t breathe a huge sigh of relief, we feel slightly thwarted and disappointed. Why is your heart beating in quite such a pronounced fashion? What’s putting you on edge; adding a little more electricity to your life than you can comfortably cope with? Is this a source of pleasure or of pain? Or might it be, as it is in the case of so many of the perverse fascinations that we human beings entertain, that what you secretly like most about a certain situation is your inability to decide whether it’s good or bad! For as long as you are enjoying the indecision, you will never find out. In a strange way, we all enjoy uncertainty. We also enjoy being in a state of denial. Well I’m sorry to say that everything is actually ok. This month consider yourself free of an obligation. Don’t resent it, be glad of it.


Can you really believe what you are hearing? Are you really ready for what seems to be about to happen next? The sky will finally facilitate a change that has been trying to take place for a very long time. At an amazing speed, to an impressive depth, due to an almost uncanny convergence of coincidental circumstances, a new phase of your life will begin. And now, here’s the answer you will be able to give. “Yes.” You’d better believe it, because it is real… and right. So remember to be yourself, be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Be forgiving of your own faults, though not totally blind to them (as a Scorpio you never were). You have an enviable and exceptional opportunity to break new ground. You can re-write rules. You can expand your horizons, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. You can make amazing things happen and you can see brilliant solutions. THAT’S why you need to be confident but not TOO confident. The most successful people are those who know how to bring each situation into balance by reducing that which is too great, and adding to that which is too little. Such a person craves not power, but balanced and stable relationships. Humility is the virtue that allows you to perceive the balancing force in each situation; humble people are not prey to the many illusions which grow out of self-importance. You’ve tempered power with a good dose of reality, which you can do once you discern it from illusions. Well done!


A problem shared is a problem halved. Or so they say. Actually, it depends on who you share it with. There are some people with whom a problem shared is a problem squared. A process of multiplication is the last thing you want to embark on right now. To the contrary, you want to get right to the root of a matter so you can see what it is truly made up of. There’s more going on than meets the eye. Mind you, in your life, that’s often the case. Other people just carry hidden agendas. Yours have secret pockets. You don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s because to properly hide your extra layer of hidden agendas, you have to deny their existence even to yourself. Deep down though, you know what you are really after at the moment. You also know that you could, just possibly, be close to getting it. I shall say no more. Just keep playing it cool.


Every low is always a high in the making. If you learn to see the lows as valuable as the highs you will be grateful for twice as many things as most people. This is not to say your month is heading towards any strife, its more about seeing how strong you’ve become, how resilient you are, how privileged you are to be carrying a few more burdens than other people. Oh great you say, that’s all I need after overcoming that many challenges since I can remember, yet another battle. Here’s where you get to benchmark your strengths. The same dose that would knock anyone else off their feet is to you perhaps as powerful as a slight breeze, let’s even make it on a lovely summer day. OH YEAH….you know it! Be kind to others, you have nothing to prove.


How do other people see you? What do they really want from you? To what extent are you limiting yourself by playing out the role that you think you are supposed to play? We are all influenced much more strongly than we realise, by our companions, colleagues and family members. The irony is, we are not always influenced by what they REALLY want or need as by what we THINK they want from us. In redefining your boundaries as you are now doing, you may not be alienating anywhere near as many people as you fear. This should be a comparatively quiet and stress-free time. I use the word should rather than will because a lot depends on how much you can mind your own business. By this, I am not trying to imply you will have an uncontrollable outbreak of nosiness. I mean you will be sorely tempted to get involved with struggles or tense scenarios that really need have little to do with you. It is one thing to care about what others have to say, another to be so sensitive to what they are thinking or feeling that you end up losing your own perspective. A sense of realism, an acceptance of certain necessary limitations and a state of relative detachment is the best thing.


Love is in the air. Maybe that’s not what you want. Or maybe that’s not what you are looking for. Or maybe that’s something which seems unnervingly unlikely given the nature of your current situation. If so, don’t worry. You don’t have to respond to the invitation that the sky is making. Or you can take the romantic possibility and turn it somehow into a creative possibility or a social possibility. But you should find, whatever you choose to reach out for, that territory is the issue now. What’s your territory? What’s someone else’s? And where ought you to keep well away from? I am not suggesting there will be a dispute with a neighbour about the position of a pathway. If there is, you can put it down to coincidence. We are talking here about creative territory and emotional territory. Territory as an extension to identity. Territory as in ’patch’. Territory as in the ground you like to cover and the way you like to be. And, if we’re talking intrusion, we are talking about the way in which you aren’t sure how far to stray into someone else’s area, or how far to let them wander into yours. It’s important. Some clear definitions need to be negotiated and established. Everything, and I do mean everything, will pick up once that is sorted out.


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