December 2015


Challenging people and situations do not happen in our life to trip us up, they often happen because you are ready for them. You get to benchmark your resilience and balance in the face of a counter-acting force. The fact that life is counter-acting tells you that you are a force to be reckoned with. Remember, once you’ve done it you have done it. The only time you have to do it again is because there is further value to be attained from the situation..for you.



The bigger trees are cut down. The smaller ones get left alone because they add less value to the wood mongers of the world. Be happy that you are slipping under the radar. It is a great opportunity to grow and fine-tune your skills, and maybe produce an abundant harvest that is coming into your life.



Other people can be pretty oblivious to many things, happy to go along with little thought of the repercussions of their actions. They do themselves no favors by remaining naïve or ignorant, but how do you convince them. You can’t unless you are nominated and trusted as their guides. What we don’t realize sometimes that even if there is no acknowledgement of a lesson taken from you, your influence is in fact there, by role modeling in your actions how life can improve. Time to get out of your head and ‘do.’



If things do not work out it is because you were stumbling down the wrong path without knowing. This is where faith comes in, faith that a higher power is guiding you back onto the right path that will provide you with all the good things waiting for you. Don’t resent the nudge, if you do ignore it the nudge may become a whack. The universe needs to practice some tough love once in a while to steer you away from harm or from a hell of a lot of wasted time.



There is a very thin line between you and the truth, in fact it may be staring you right in the face. Sometimes the truth means we have to let go of many comfortable assumptions we have made, the ones which mean no change will occur over night and knock you off your very comfy perch. BUT, this truth is there to make you feel a LOT better about a certain situation. Like any birth there will be some labour pains, but the joy you receive in the result far outweighs any pains. It is waiting for you to give it permission….say the word!



Driving in the fast lane takes a little more focus and awareness then cruising on a wide open road. You have been on a wide open road for a while now, a freeway even, 5 lanes and only a handful of fellow travellers, given only a few people know about the destination you are headed to. Try this, relax and enjoy the view. You won’t lose the ability to protect yourself. All your resilience and warrior skills have crystalized. You will never lose them. Don’t lose the memory of why you started the journey in the first place.



Honesty is one thing, transparency is another. Sometimes being honest will hurt others. Telling someone that you honestly think that their house is ugly does no one any favors, even if you honestly believe it. Being transparent means the ego is not in charge, there are no personal agendas, there is no need for you to say things because there is no projection to shoot out onto others. Honesty is relative, transparency is objective. Watch yourself and others and note the difference. Add compassion to your interactions and watch things transform even.



The universe is giving you utter permission to take a break, be naughty, leave the path for a little while. Your inner GPS has been calibrated so well that you will always find your way back, like a cat. Have some fun, be dark, be light-hearted, do whatever you feel like as long as there are no casualties. Other’s do not have the same gumption you do so be gentle. If anyone parrots a self-righteous tsk tsk slap on the hand to you, say no, not interested. You play by nobody else’s rules. Speak your own Scorpic language and others who also speak it will join in.



Seriously? That’s what you are going to spend this month doing? Didn’t you do that last month and every other year even. Change. Even if it is one small part of your routine. Change. Embrace it. Do it in a small way and the big things will start taking care of themselves. It is completely understandable that when the spot light hits us we revert to what always works so we do not look like fools, but practice behind the scenes with a small action and make that comfortable because the big stuff is coming and you can do it! CHANGE.



Pluto aspects can be crushing but they can also be constructive, and you should be focusing on the constructive side of any criticism or setback. Hard as it may be to have your efforts disregarded, given space and time, you may come to see that there were flaws, but flaws that can be corrected, lessons that will come in useful next time. Capricorns know how to dose it out into digestible pieces because you are so strategic, with the highest work ethic. You are also very soft on the inside. It’s the whole reason you need to be vigilant with your defenses. The planets are urging you to be your best and not to accept less than the best, whether this means the object of your desires is unworthy of you or you have not given your all to a project. Truth isn’t always easy to swallow, but it is a whole lot better than living a lie.



You are so in touch with your spirituality now and this is a great time for you to reach out to others, and to share your wisdom and your joy. Your efforts in doing so will be repaid many times over. The world needs your light and your happiness. Make a point to let it shine. If you have been considering becoming more involved with the younger generation, the timing would be very auspicious. If your intentions are honorable and you only desire is to serve mankind, you cannot fail in your endeavors. You were meant to make something happen in 2015 for a group close to your heart. Just be your kind self and it will happen.



You have arrived to that place you find yourself now through much thought, trial, error, and a very keen awareness of human nature and incentive, both the light and the dark forces. Others may simply parrot or mimic your intelligence and intuitive powers with little understanding of the path taken to get there. You own your path. Astrologers may have dubbed you as a passive romantic, but again, that is them parroting what has always been written and said about Pisces. Watch them all run this month as you ROAR.




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