February 2016


If you do not trust others it is because you do not trust yourself. How much damage could a person do if you chose them to be you for a day? You certainly have enough gumption to choose the right person. You have certainly come far enough to be surrounded with the right people. Take the day off for the love of life. Seriously…it is not that serious!


Peace is everyone’s birthright. The thing to remember is that not everybody is conscious of this, but everyone has this truth buried deep in their subconscious. Most people do not feel worthy of it on the surface, and make some pretty bad choices to ensure they never get close to it. That’s when you know guilt is steering. Take over. The planets have lined up to help you.


The author does not usually stick around after the story is written. Sure their name is on the cover, they get a grateful fan run up to them every now & then to get a signed copy, but the story now belongs to the universe. Let it go. You have fresh pastures to explore.


Forgot something? Did you let a great opportunity go? Did something that everyone else jumped onto sail away before you had a chance to jump on? Of course not, it was just not for you. You get to make confident decisions like that when you are wise and in touch with your timeless truth. Now, the challenge this month is to recognize that golden nugget of joy coming your way. Clue, it is unique, and stands alone, no strings attached.


Not everyone needs saving. Believe it or not the unlikeliest of people may be in your circle to quietly watch over you, to lay out a compassionate cushion for your imminent fall. And you must fall. It must come undone, it must unravel. They are there to fulfil their role. Its like a symphony really, all the notes and instruments working together to create the one universal tune. Rejoice in your part, its essential and beautiful.


Loving is SO MUCH better than knowing. By all means analyse, break it down, study every nook & cranny of this lovely universe. The trick..and the paradox…is to fully know thyself first, its then that you get it.


Librans are known to love balance, but only after exploring the extremes, even hypothetically. At these extremes you will meet some people. Some are exploring, like you, some are committed to that path this life. Just remember, they may be choosing to find the balance over a number of lives. Do your risk assessment and move decidedly on. Don’t judge the instance this month, especially not yours.


Scorpios do not use stairs or ladders to ascend or descend, they use poles. Not because they slither, not because they have remarkable thigh muscles, but because they are so fluid a rung or a step would just complicate things by adding stops and starts to what is too fluid and graceful. No need to laugh at others who want to install a staircase to supposedly help. Just watch.


Get your Matrix on this month and calmly slide out of the way of that nasty traffic of frustrations others are so caught up in. Bend, glide, roll, it is so not you now to get caught up.  You must have already got a taste of progress even this early in Saturn’s visit. It is just the tip of the iceberg.


Joy is your word of the month. Not the type that rests on desire, just the stuff that you catch as it flies by (joy flies because it is pure energy…and is not subjected to gravity!!). Hard to fathom? Watch baby animals play. That bubble of laughter that arises when you watch how cheeky they are is joy.


We project it out, to attract it in, to piece it together, to discover the truth. The treasure is where it has always been, you just need to revisit with new eyes. Unlearn what you think it should look like. Its coming in a very different package.  Another piece of the puzzle…..INCOMING!


If you were an I Ching Hexagram this month, you would be Hexagram 14. Look it up!



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