January 2016


If New Year’s Eve was a bit of an anti-climax, do not let it deter your spirit. Momentum will pick up very soon. In fact, for most people who have sentimental expectations around the night, things will fizzle out pretty quickly. It’s the people who look at it as more of a stock take, and who enter the new year with eyes wide open, who see it more as a rite of passage. You have a powerful cosmic energy working in your favour which may send a surprise or two your way very early in the year. Have no preconceived ideas of how they will present themselves because you will never guess it.



So calm, so serene, everything clicking into place, no resistance, no struggles….and then. Well, and then nothing. Please do not allow a crisis in confidence brew in your lovely garden because of challenges from events or from other people. They are testing you and your goals, forcing you to justify your very identity and what you are doing. Their paths are their paths, if they are thirsting for a fight to vent then do not accept that role. SAY NO, do your own thing. No guilt, no apology, no excuses.



Seriously, let go of your thoughts. Try this for a change, look at your toes, wriggle them. If this does not fill you with wonder, then you are seriously too bogged down in the fight that your life has become. Not fighting anyone? There need be no other parties involved in a fight but you and you. There need be no aggression in a fight either. It may be a subtle resistance. Yes, you may have earned a hell of a lot so far on your travels, but it means nothing until you can arrive at a place when you can step off that path, or remain on it, with no impact on your progress. To put it simply, release your attachment to the outcome. Let go.



A little reserved and unable to articulate your deeper feelings? It can be very frustrating. Please stop making excuses and justifying it. You have your guard up, and a barrier to love has developed. A certain self-consciousness and a pre-occupation with worry and thoughts of a serious nature can mean you hold back in love or are just not in the mood. You really need a hug right now, and yet you are not giving off the signals needed to get one. Its actually ok. Live in ambiguity, let it all emerge, fall apart, dissolve. Purge it all out and make room for some AMAZING abundance coming your way!



Trust it, trust the love, trust the peace, trust the calm, trust the serenity. The moment you stop trusting it is the moment you lose it. This year is going to that point where you walk through that door you have been looking for this entire lifetime. Stop and listen to the instructions. Make no assumptions, hold no grudges, never look back. Respect the past and honour it but never look back.



Jupiter Retrograde is a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. It’s the mug or glass of your favourite beverage that nourishes the soul while looking out over [insert your favourite scene here]. Like a good meal, allow your thoughts and emotions to churn over and seep into the deepest crevices of your psyche. Allow them to heal and reward you with some insights. Seriously, Jupiter can do no wrong, its only we as humans who can misconstrue a pause. Fill the gap with light rather than darkness.



Slow down. Resist the pressure, regardless of where it is coming from or how inescapable it seems to be. Some people suit the stressful life; they thrive on urgency and haste, they chose it. It does NOT work for you. You’re at your best in subtler circumstances, and now what really matters is that you allow yourself to be and to do your best. While the sky is pushing you, the danger is that you’ll make a judgement which is quite out of character and that you later regret. Relax and let things happen naturally. You now have a gift from the cosmos. It may not be wrapped up with a pretty bow. It may not even come in any kind of attractive presentation case. Nonetheless, you have an ideal opportunity before you. Look at the situation you face. Ignore, for a moment, the disadvantage, the difficulty, the doubt or the dilemma that’s attached to it. Wait it out, it is going to work out.



Imagine you have been working in a chemistry lab for some while now. A labour of love originally, it now seems like as natural as your breath. You have experimented with every type of potion and concoction and that sweet sweet spot seems to be missed each time. You get close to your version of perfection, a perfection that others can only dream of, but there is something not quite right. This month someone is going to walk in and leave you a gift. The missing ingredient. The catalyst, the element that is going to blow your cocktail out of that beaker once and for all. (No Freudian euphemism intended).



Once in a committed relationship, romantic or otherwise, Sagittarians strive to be honest in love. You understand completely that commitment means you are in it indefinitely. This can cause some headaches for some of you, because you don’t enjoy being tied down. BUT you will only feel tied down if you are not FREE to choose. Do not allow yourself to be pulled, pushed, or prodded into a situation that steps on the toes of your personal freedom. A relationship is about sharing, complimenting, respecting each other, not supplementing. Know where you end, and the other starts so that you can equally meet each other half way.



This month you exude power, but you don’t need to make a big song and dance about it. Its mere presence is enough. People may be feeling that your eyes bore into their souls. There is also sexual magnetism, but you have an invisible force field around you that says “Look, don’t touch.” hence people may be often too afraid to approach. There are no frills, no fluff, nothing but earned wisdom and strength. The sun is shining on you, your practice year is over. You learned patience and tenacity at an early age because of the gooey center you have by nature. It needed protection. But now, you have begun to hold power not behind armor, but front of house, diffusing aggression and ill intentions of others by withholding judgement and exuding a quiet power. 2016 is now about action, but don’t worry, Mercury is pacing up & down and revisiting ground so you still have your training wheels on for a short while yet!



I once watched an interview with a renowned actor who played the role of a certain scientist. The interview was not around his acting ability, but around scientific theory, all of which was delivered with the rehearsed perfection of the movie itself. The actor believed he was a scientist, the audience believed it, the interviewer believed it. Each and every person involved in the interview gave all their power to this ill-informed man. His knowledge was completely relative to the research team who had educated him and the script writers, but this didn’t matter, it was a truth to all relatively involved. They bestowed upon him complete power. 2 years later he took up contradictory views based on another blockbuster persona he has adopted. Nobody cared about the contradiction. Whose story are you believing? Who are you giving your power away to? The truth is never dependent on the person, it just is…and you have access to it more than ever now.



Leave people alone this month. Once you’ve said it, you have said it. All that pent up energy can do no good and can even reverse the effect of its wisdom if you spill it out, especially to people who do not currently understand your gorgeous self. Each time you feel that niggling impulsive need to say and do surfacing say this as loudly as possible without using sound…STOP. By all means say and do what is necessary to ensure your well-being, but leave everything else to develop organically. It is going to such a beautiful place. Get out of its way. Enough said.


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