July 2015


The scenarios you create with your mind, whether good or bad, dissolve once reality hits, so why do we bother rushing out to meet it with our own expectations? Why have hopes and fears and anything else that puts the fire under you? What you believe is…and action is self-generating. Aries are a momentum unto themselves, the BANG at the start of the race, the time and place when you are poised to spring, eyes focused, mind fixated on a single point on the horizon, your destination. Its just you and the ground, and a hell of a lot of OOMPH. July is a fresh start and the pistol is about to go…


Grace. Look it up. Not the term imbued with religion and theological implications, but simple grace, beauty, blessing, kindness. Nothing to do with any trials of Hercules to get it, no needless sacrifices please. Yes you can look back and nothing bad will happen. Being here is a huge feat in itself.  The cosmos clearly wants you to be happier, healthier, clearer, more successful, less afraid and less likely to find yourself going round in the same old circles as before. And what the cosmos wants, it tends to get! Your immediate future, a lovely one, involves a most healthy, helpful, profitable, emotionally comforting, reassuring, yet distinctly life-changing awakening. Breath…relax…and let it happen.


Mercury is a fast worker and right now it is working as fast as it can on you. This is why you are going through such an education process, and why you are learning so much, so fast, about the people in your world and the situations you face. You are gaining fresh insights on a daily basis: some disturbing, some inspiring. There isn’t time to digest all the information, you’ve just got to act and react. That’s OK. Your intellect is sharp and your intuition is reliable. A tide of changing circumstance will soon sweep you away if you set out to sail on it. Don’t let fear keep you anchored. You can do this.


In your horoscope Neptune shows you something about your own dream of fulfilment. It reveals the ideal world we’d like to create, the ideal vision of ourselves we’d like to believe in and the ideal image of our beliefs that we’d prefer to project. It also reveals, in each person’s horoscope, their philosophical weak spot, their spiritual ego, their propensity to become lost in a dream of how things ’ought to be’. Where we keep our dreams is where we also keep our nightmares. Neptune, in your horoscope, can reveal wonderful ideas that you may be able to turn into realities. Yet it can also say something most instructive about the web of fearful fantasy you sometimes weave around your vision of the future. This too, can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you are not strong willed and hopeful enough to challenge it. Neptune has a symbolic message for us all about our ability to foresee an upcoming miracle. In which house is your Natal Neptune found? Which degree does it sit on? Look up the Sabian symbol for more information as transiting Neptune trines your natal Sun this month.


What kind of a revolution do you want to participate in, or even actually create? The sky offers you a real, rare chance to bring about major change. Once you let a certain genie out of a certain bottle though, there will be no chance of stuffing it back in again. That’s fine as long as you know what you’re doing and why. The trouble is, you’re not yet fully sure. Your opportunity is worth taking, but it’s also worth thinking hard about before you do take it. You should soon make a vital discovery in the very department of life where you are most in need of fresh insight and understanding. There is a promise of a revelation that may not instantly transform your life into a bed of roses, but will help a great deal nonetheless. Though the more you learn, the more you will realise that you still need to find out about, you will benefit tangibly, as well as psychologically, from the new perspective that this cosmic climate helps you to attain.


Do you get the joke? What stressed you 10 years ago does not today. It was relative to the time and place. What is right here and now may not be right tomorrow. It is relative to the time and place. The things that are relative are the frills, the pretty and the ugly things that act like carrots, or like big smacks on our hands. Do you get the joke? Throw your shoulders back, shrug the weight off. Your worrying and anxiety never solved problems, your inner fire did, sometimes it takes a while to kick in because you spend so much energy on fretting. Skip over the stress. It is going to work out, just like the sun is going to stay in the sky without your willing it to stay there, everything is going to work out. Get there via the mindful route, watch and listen. Much nicer than the ‘close-your-eyes-scream-and-hope-for-mercy’ route. That one is exhausting. Gives you a back ache too. By the end of July you will get the joke if you haven’t already.


You are NOT deceiving yourself at the moment. Your assessment of a particular matter, or of a key individual’s true motivation, is accurate. The planets insists that now you can only profit from trusting your instincts. A series of encouraging conversations should raise your spirits soon. So too, should some close encounters of a distinctly non-verbal nature. There’s more to the communication process than an exchange of words. Look for more subtle signs and signals …and remember, if you don’t know quite what to say, it really doesn’t matter. If your emotions are genuine, or if your desire to reach an agreement is sincere and wisely motivated, a state of mutual understanding will arise automatically (and delightfully). Under this astrological influence you are experiencing a rare ability to tune in to your own source of deepest wisdom. This doesn’t make you right about everything but it makes you more likely to be right than usual! Share what you feel and what you think …with sensitivity.


Saturn is revisiting and we are seeing what amounts to a final showdown between the light of future hope and the darkness of past ignorance. At the moment it looks as if the bad guys are winning. Scorpios know this is not true. They have a serene quiet confidence in the good always winning. Not the pink unicorn leaping over a rainbow type of good, but the good that has been to the darkest depths of hell and sat still until their eyes adjusted, watching the antics of the bad guys, learning all the tricks of their trade, filing it away to perhaps pull out later to help ID in a line up.  Scorpios don’t care if the so-called spiritual affirmation peddlers judge them for visiting the bad guy lairs. It has been in the name of research. You cannot navigate the middle ground without feeling your way to the extremities, and god knows the Google map camera car doesn’t go there. Just a little more research to go. Use July as time to complete your final draft, keep on practicing, tweaking, editing. Your apprentice days are coming to a close.


Sometimes you care so much about your hopes and dreams that you treat them at times like precious, breakable objects. You put them on a high shelf, under protective glass casing, very reluctant to expose them to the kind of rough handling that may be required if you wanted to apply them. Saturn’s has already visited and has offered you a promise prior to leaving you for a short time. A promise of protection. Now, you can take those hopes and those dreams and start really working with them without fear, frustration or disappointment, or you can leave them under the protective glass and wait for the shock that will hit when Saturn comes back and sees the need for a course correction. Even in the unlikely event that you are not entirely successful, you will do these precious objects no harm. You can only make valuable gains this month. It is time to start reaching for the very best.


OK, you have arrived. You have learned a new way of looking at things. You have seen that you have a strength that you may have forgotten about on and off over the years but it has not forgotten you. Its inherent to your nature and as a Capricorn it has been given to you because you know how to work it. Some may see you as reserved and inflexible, when you know for a fact that you are so emotional, so fragile, that you had no choice but to protect the raw sensitive nucleus of your being with an extra coat of resilience and realism. Your loci of control is inside. Sometimes though you just want a day off, one day, have someone else look after your life for one day because dammit you are tired. Wouldn’t you love to be assigned a protector for one day. Someone to ensure that no one can take advantage of you, and who would do things exactly as you would while you stare at the sky and zone out. That inner strength I am talking about, that is your protector. Feel blessed to recognize it. Pluto may be hauling you over the coals but it is a gift. You wield a unique sword. In July you get to play with it. Just remember to show mercy.


Once upon a time there was a man who lived all alone in a mansion at the edge of a town. He was hated for a reason nobody could really remember, but everyone complained about him. On the day he died people rejoiced. Nobody went to the funeral.  2 Months later the local hospital announced its closure. Its sole benefactor had stopped providing financial support. It was later discovered that the man that everybody hated was that benefactor. He had made arrangements to continue financing the hospital after his death, however this relied on at least one person showing up to the funeral service to receive instruction. As a result the money was donated to another town hospital. Don’t reject something too quickly this month. Don’t follow mass consensus. Scratch beneath the surface and trust your inner guide.


If you were God for a day, would you choose to punish all the people who have hurt others,  creatures, or the environment, OR would you choose to furnish their lives with the opportunities and freedom to choose love over hurt. If they still continued to inflict pain because that is what has been conditioned and drummed into them, then you might choose to take them back to the first day of their lives and give them a fresh start with a perfectly happy upbringing, full of abundance and joy. Since they weren’t able to rise above the hurts that were inflicted on them with a painful childhood, lets give them lots of spoils instead and see if they can al least learn to share and give. Hmmm….what if they became greedy, or miserly, and that flow of abundance got stuck. Or…what if they begged you to continue to give them hardships because they know deep down in their hearts they can do a better job this time.  “Please God, give me the amnesia and throw me back in…..I know I can do it…..” I tell you what, being God would be hard work. God would be mostly tired from waving answers right in front of people’s faces. There is no need to save the world and facilitate free-will. Looking after yourself is your greatest service.

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