June 2015


Love & Discernment are key this month. Very different from Pity and judgement. Love is compassion without pity. Discernment is looking at people with eyes wide open, no judgement, just observing, sorting out truth from illusions. Has someone got you all wrong? Or is it you? Try not to work towards definitions, the type where you think you have someone all sized up, ready to label them with a big whopping full-stop on the end. Even if your powers of discernment are accurate, what you were yesterday to someone may not be what you are today. We are all moving targets. At heart we are all looking for truth. That’s where compassion comes in.


Let go, then let go some more. Not as simple as some make it sound yes? After you spend most of your life trying to get to the heart of matters, yourself included, its very difficult to relinquish control of the journey. It feels like after investing so much effort, focus, problem solving, and years of fine-tuning your sh*t radar, someone comes along and says “ok, we’ll take it from here.” BUT, it should not feel like this if you were building yourself, instead of a fortress. Let go of the steering, the driving, the focus, and allow yourself a break. Nothing is going to come along and knock you off your path. And if anyone tries to, nature will take care of them, no damage to you at all.


F*ck off is what you are really itching to say. Even if this is not in your vocabulary the sentiment is dying to be expressed. This month is not about taking power back, its about not giving it out in the first place. You see them coming. They have played on the insecurities of the kind hearted and have gotten away with  it, and now here they come for you. People can read minds at the subconscious level. Some minds are full of doubts, and some minds are full of sheer power, self-respect, and self-love. Yours is not to be messed with this month.


You’re just not that into them. Deep down you know it, but a sense of belonging is very comfortable. Sometimes we fight for something based on habit rather than our existing needs. Challenging the norm is a very daunting exercise. It means the end of the cruising auto-pilot we sometimes operate on. It also means changing some of our social contacts, places, hobbies. Clear a space, even the tiniest, and see how it will be immediately filled with something that more aligns with you,


If you have any ideas floating around in your head telling you that some people believe you to be a bore, then throw them out now. There is something magnetic about some people that draws looks and stares. The looks and stares you are receiving may be confusing, but that’s only because their owners haven’t processed the vibe coming off you, and can’t align it to their own complacent energy fast enough to place a more digestible expression on their faces. By the time they do you have moved on. You are making some impression. Can you pick out people with the same energy buzz you have?


You know that feeling when you expect the worse, prepare for it, and then the universe sends you a curb ball and surprises you with a pleasant reward instead? Sometimes you shed a tear of apology because you really didn’t expect such kindness. Sometimes you feel guilty for doubting the situation or yourself. Sometimes you still distrust it, believing it to be a trick because you NEVER catch a break. Well believe it. Stop fighting it. You might not even realize that your efforts are out of the ordinary. You might not even realize how loving you are. Sometimes you get to reap the rewards.


You may not be an artist, writer, musician, but you are certainly creative. You pull the world apart and then piece it back together in your own mosaic. If you can’t see a creative solution to a problem, you are looking too hard. Lose yourself for even 10 minutes, study an ant, watch a cloud change shape, submerge your head in water, step away from it all, and all the glints of inspiration you accumulate symbiotically will bring forth a unique perspective that only you can alchemically produce. You chose your reference point on the natal wheel for a reason, now do it…Libra Style!


So, have you discovered lately that you are your own best friend? That even with a multitude of well wishers your own self-encouragement is what has really got you through the hard times? It means more coming from you because you know how deep you run. You don’t only know how deep you run, you also know that there is even more depth you have yet to discover. And then there’s the whole moving goal post thing, peel another illusion back, and there goes all your definitions out the door. So, if you are discovering your inner truth with what seems like daily revelations (you might even be on about 6 a day now) how the hell is someone else going to know the real you? The best way for anyone outside of you, to know you, is for them to delve into their own depth. Everyone knows their outer layer, billions of outer layers around the globe. But if you delve deep deep down into the dark core of you, we all meet at the same place. You are close to meeting.


Choose happiness. Sounds simple. Choosing pleasure is inadvertently choosing pain. Pleasure relies on acquiring something. It relies on attracting something to you. It also relies on it staying. Sounds like a lot of work. Happiness relies on subtracting from your life, rather than adding to it. We all have an inherent reservoir of bliss inside of us. If we keep on searching for it outside of us, we are swept up in an illusion. Let go & the space you make will allow the reservoir to swell inside. Once you experience even a moment of this you will start to trust it is really there. No bill boards, no affirmations, no love-ins, no rainbow tie-dye tambourine dance in a forest, just truth. And the best thing is that once you get it, no one can take it away, ever.


Some people clean out their cupboards by keeping everything in there and rearranging items like a tetras game, perhaps pulling a couple of things out for cleaning or throwing out. You may have even forgotten about a few cherished items. Other people rip everything out and rebuild the contents one by one. Smiling at forgotten memories attached to various items, scratching heads at how they ever came to acquire some of the paraphernalia. Capricorns like the all out and rebuild from scratch method. Its more time consuming, they may even procrastinate the start of the project, but in the end, once it is done, they know what is in every corner of that cupboard. A mental and visual stock-take has been completed, old thrown out, room made for the new. Its a very cleansing cathartic feeling. June is that feeling you get once the work is done.


It is important to know we are not the circumstances of our life, no matter what they may be.  Its all relative.  What you define as one thing in your current place, job, family, community, is defined as something completely different in someone else’s world. BUT, that which you truly are is unchanging and not affected whatever the events may be. Like a tornado, there is stillness in the centre. It is your task to find the centre, to trust the stillness. Although there is nothing to grip onto, there will be no need to hold on for there will be no pushing or pulling. From that situation something completely new will arise. Try not to get caught up on the perimeter of the tornado, in the rush, in the hysterics, the tenseness, the lack of control and the uncertainty. You should be feeling much more confident very soon.


Have you ever read someone else’s horoscope thinking it was for Pisces, thinking ‘Yes, this is so me’ only to find out it was a completely different star sign. Well you weren’t exactly wrong. There is a little bit of every facet of the planetary dynamics in you. You’ve been there, done that, even if only through your imagination, or soul memory. You have the uncanny ability to read a book and years later find it difficult to differentiate it from something that actually happened to you. Your reality is not of this world. Its of every possible world. STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF. What you thought was strange about yourself is now something the whole world secretly wishes they had. Don’t let soul vampires get to you. You are the real deal, long before they started selling it for an outrageous price in a trendy ‘have to have it but for some fashionable reason cost 10 times more’ organic store. Read more here

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