May 2015


Who would have thought compromising on what you want could give you even more in return? Power can be easily shared if you tap into yours and know that it is inherently part of you. You will lose nothing by sharing it. In fact, if you fear that you will lose control it is not your power you are implementing but more of a manipulation. Let go, relax, and your inner guide will send off the right alarms if you venture into territory where your best interests are not being met. You have more well wishers in this world than you know.


You have strong values and a big heart. It runs deep and the challenge is to delve into its depths with no fear. This month trust an emotional journey. You wont break, you wont be taken advantage of, you are protected and safe. Once you become comfortable with the depths of your emotions, without the fear of vulnerability, you will become the teacher that someone is waiting for this month.


Get out of your head and into your body. The vessel needs to be clean and sturdy because the contents coming into your life are valuable, rich, and are going to provide the important sustenance you will need for the next leg.  Everything is connected, mind, body, spirit. The more you listen to your body the more you will identify the little red flags of disconnection. Did you know you can turn things around with one tiny step?


Travel, writing, teaching, studying, self-talk, and all forms of communication. Its on! Never doubt your ability to not only learn something new but to add to it. A recipe is fine but until you prepare and cook the meal yourself with your own tools, experience, know-how, taste buds, you wont know how it will turn out. You have all the ingredients and tools at your beck and call. You get to experiment with it until you are happy with the result. Just remember that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


Any endeavour you take on this month will have much more success when passion is put into it. Your instinctive animal side should not be mastered by suppressing it, nor should it be let out to romp around. Do not ignore it. Accepted it as a natural part of yourself. Consider your passion as an instinctive natural power that you can channel. Charisma is a combination of energy, vitality and joy.  Allow yours to inspire others to also want what you want. Someone in your life needs a passionate role model.


When you recognize yourself as the source of your own projections, you take a giant step toward being an empowered alchemist.  Watch. When you have an objective view of all that is currently manifested in your life, and accept them, you will see that you are in complete power. Its not what you say or write, its the invisible intent behind it all that is picked up on by others, even if it is unconscious. Find your inner balance and peace and your outer world will match this. Move that annoyance currently in your life into your past for good.


You have a gift to pull together polarities, creating a greater whole, bringing together components of a situation that seem impossible. People feel comfortable around you as you are able to create pleasant situations out of not so comfortable situations. Trust your inner impressions and feelings, by doing so you will be inspired with new creative insights. Believing in the magic of life helps you understand that life is constantly taking new forms, presenting new opportunities. There is one waiting to be summoned this month.


You could tell the secret of life 100 times over, and it would still be safe. After all, the secret is only known when people make it real in their own lives, not when they simply hear it. To truly recognize the obvious, you cannot merely recognize it in your mind. The recognition must be physical, emotional, spiritual, and must resonate in the depths of your being. You have information at your disposal that can potentially change your life forever. Do not be afraid to experiment. Don’t define it, or allow others to either. A truth will be revealed.


Look back over major milestones in your life. Are they connected? Do they flow as a natural progression? Of course they do. The unifying factor is you and your evolution. Your instincts have always been right and you’ve steered yourself in certain directions for good reason. Even when your hand was seemingly forced you see how valuable that nudge from the universe is now. This month you will see how something that appears to be trivial sparks yet another huge opportunity to grow and move towards peace. Your higher self has something in store for you, and its wonderful!


It seems that you are breaking into new emotional and psychological territory every day.  Your future potential is changing daily, yet at the same time you feel that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is. That feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one where you just know, is driving you. Trust it. The million piece life puzzle you are working on is starting to take shape. How do you work on puzzles?


Breaking new ground lately? As an Aquarius your community and friends are like your life lungs. Nobody wants to pollute their lungs. Many of us do, sometimes consciously, sometimes in denial, sometimes it seems to be the only option at the time. You need clean air in your lungs. Your life force is waking up to its biggest potential, breath in the good stuff this month.


SO MUCH happening behind the scenes. It seeps out every now and then to be witnessed by others who do not speak your private language. Sometimes you trust the wrong people. But that’s ok because you add that profile to your data bank and can draw on it when a person with the same characteristics crossed your path again. Your bank is pretty full. The file that has ‘kind people’ in it is pretty light, but there are definitely profiles in there, even if it was a smile you received in 1996, or a kind comment made November last year, a childhood memory, an encouraging teacher, a wave from a fellow driver. Piece them all together and you know what you get? You.

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