November 2015


Thresholds are made for crossing. Its going to happen whether you volunteer, or are dragged kicking and screaming. Sometimes the best thing to do is to tie up loose ends with the assumption that you are done here. Sayonara everyone. Be kind, you can afford to be. People who have true power are the ones who do not need to use it over others. There are a few people in your circles that may have wronged you, but they were acting out what they believed were good intentions, even if it was a perceived, or unconscious self-defence. Just remember people with innate power scare other people into putting up defences. People with innate power just have to breathe and others (who don’t know their own power yet) are wary. Imagine the frenzy you cause when you make direct eye contact with these people let alone talk to them with the force you naturally have. Be kind, forgive, let go, cross that threshold, and you will find yourself on a path with people more like you very soon. It’s a good thing! (Your omen for the month is doorways)


Light up that fire so they can find you. You are magnetic and charming, attractive, and mildly unconventional in regard to sex matters. You have a broad emotional viewpoint tending to the humane. You gather strange and beautiful people around you and your eccentric friends are helpful this month. You love to help the underdog and an active social nature brings you in contact with strong people that assist your advancement. This month focus on gratitude more so than what you usually do. Start a list even, add to it each day. Each time you smile say a little thank you in your head. There is no need to analyse it. If you have any thoughts that feel ugly recognize them and clear them away. Fear attracts negative experiences, and all ugly thoughts are based on fear. Loving thoughts and gratitude attracts all the good stuff we all want in our lives. You have spent a good deal of time establishing a solid foundation of goodness through your activities, relationships, interactions and thoughts. Keep going, amplify that good feeling so that the good thing coming recognises that shining light and comes home. (Your omen for the month is chimneys and wood fires )


Your faith in yourself is powerful, and it is your ticket to a rich and fulfilling life. Others may not understand your goals, but they provide you with the staying-power needed to achieve whatever reward you want for your hard work. All your potential and every ounce of your energy is directed toward success – but on your own terms. You aren’t likely to automatically accept the rewards or ambitions the world thinks are important. You are more concerned with helping others develop their potential to the fullest. Your judgment is sharp but tempered with sympathy. Understanding your own inner depths can help enrich your life. Just remember this one little gem: if you give others what you want most yourself, you will see it manifest in your life very quickly! (Your omen for the month are steps and stairs)


The important lessons in your life will be learned through your relationships. The mother-figure will shape your reactions to all women, and women, you will base your conception of your own femininity and nurturing abilities on the feedback you received from your mother. You tend to hold on to the past and act on your early conditioning until you realize how your subconscious reactions and motivations hold you back. Wanting freedom is one thing, particularly if you have battled emotional manipulations in the past, but avoiding emotional relationships altogether is another thing. What you resist will persist so look that person in the eyes (metaphorically, you can even do it in the mirror) and say it out loud. Say how you feel, cry it out, and once the truth is out, let it go. From this point on you are free to take direct and personal responsibility for the direction of your life and the satisfaction of your emotional needs. (Your omen for the month are mirrors)


You have always had abundant physical vitality, and little hesitancy in using it. Always on the move, your aims and purpose, being direct and physically animated, carry you to success. You are forceful, hard-hitting, insistent, knowing where you stand and where you are going, all coupled with a warmth and innate kindness. You wear out less energetic souls by the speed and continuous level of your activities, for you are seemingly tireless and can stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest when it comes to matters of endurance. Since a good deal of the success of this world in material matters depends on physical vitality, you have an edge on competitors. You are an excellent leader not so much of ‘thought’ as of ‘action’ (unless Mercury is powerful in your chart) you speedily rise to authority, where you won’t long stay in a subordinate position. You overwhelm people, and they naturally give way to you. Astrologers know this, people who meet you know this, do you know this? If it helps, don’t think of it as a contest as much as a harmonious whole, where you happen to take the lead. You’ll know it’s a good thing when everyone benefits, that’s the tell-tale sign. (Your omen for the month is levers and handles)


As a Virgo you are conscious of large values, philosophic and abstract concepts, but they are significant to you chiefly in terms of what use the world can make of them and what use you can make of them in your own progress. Through being able to combine the ideal and the practical, the abstract and the concrete, you capture the imagination of a vast majority. You have a strong personality, considerable reserve, and a good deal of secretiveness. Before you take people into your confidence you work things out in your own mind till the plans are complete. In this way you are an executive, a planner, and a doer, able both to do yourself and to get others to do for you. You role-model duty and the fulfilling of obligations, and your word is as good as your bond. Similarly, you expect every person to do his duty and won’t tolerate loafing on the job in those who work for you. Emotionally you are a most friendly person, both sensitive and reserved and not generally demanding much from those you love except fair treatment and genuine affection that doesn’t even need to be shown, you just feel it. You are only moderately jealous, but can appear more so if you want to make a point. You are something of an actor and you have an accurate sense of the audience you are dealing with. These are your traits, and this is why you are going to well and truly earn your harvest very soon. (Your omen for the month is the number 55 as well as I Ching Hexagam 55)


A fine trained mind certainly makes life easier. You are just, honourable, and somewhat proud of your mental achievements. Consider this though, what if your impressions from the outer world are conditioned by the use they can be to you personally. You see, hear, feel and taste what you want to. If you eat a pie that someone you love made for you, it will actually taste to you like the best pie in the world. What it your approach to things is far from scientific, you would have to really work on exercising objective assessments, to see anything for its own sake, without the intrusion of some personal relevancy. Depersonalization is key if you are to see the world as it is and not see always in it a reflection of yourself. You probably think you are the fairest-minded person in the world, and may certainly be, but don’t rest on your laurels. Beware of the intrusion of personal biases. Let a spade be a spade. Then you will have some real truths to reflect on, and given the skill you have of assessing situations, only then will you be able to hit that sweet spot which is fast approaching. (Your omen for the month is any burrowing animal)


You realise its not a matter of them wanting you, it more a matter of you wanting them back. This month you display great clear-sightedness and you retain your final opinion in many circumstances. Your attitude is marked by rigour. You strive to understand the whys and the hows of all events and you explore the backstage of your life setting. Superficial rapports don’t interest you. You must now deepen your judgments, examine the hidden machinery of your life and understand your close friends’ real motivations. This period is very good for all types of tests and clarifications. More than ever, you need to tell the truth and do your utmost in order to clear up your relationships. You are realistic and you don’t hesitate to dispel ambiguities, which open the way to healthy and enduring human relationships. This period also favours new experiences such as discovering the unknown and increasing the number of enriching encounters. Even if sometimes it means questioning yourself with an open mind and welcoming concepts that yesterday were non-existent to you. (All that is now proven was once only imagined). Yes, even more layers to explore and peel away. Its a blessing. (Your omen for the month is nuclei)



This month you have practical control over your energies, which normally express themselves in a way that promotes your highest and most worldly aspirations. Controlled actions and speech come naturally to you; your vitality works well in the harness of the world as it is, and you can master details as well as the executive functions. You are tactful in a proud sort of way: you say the right thing without yielding your dignity or compromising with the truth as you see it. You are a born leader, having the first requisites of leadership: control of yourself and ability to take orders. This month you are in one of the most favourable positions for worldly success. You will rarely do anything that interferes with your security, or with security’s broader manifestation, desire for power. In one way or another authority will accumulate in your hands if you don’t block the free flow of your vitality with too much self-confidence. You can afford to sit loose in the saddle of fate in the assurance that your mount will carry you where you want to go, and you should respect the steed by sparing the whip and spur. (Your omen for the month is the horse of course!)


Are some people luckier than others? No. It is just that we all respond to fortune in a different way. Some people look for a hidden opportunity as soon as they encounter a problem. Others push their luck too far. They can’t tell a cloud with a silver lining from a heavy storm cloud. They get caught in the storm and then, their luck has to keep them safe from lightning. The planets insist your luck is good. This month you are supported by apparently inexplicable forces, able to put across plans that others fail in. Your faculties of concentration and purposefulness meet with almost magical success. There is a touch of the unusual about you or your work now. You are a striking personality, able to get away with very odd ideas which unaccountably work out. There’s a touch of inspiration about you, a quick constructive perceptivity that wins supporters and seems magnetically to attract success. To make it work for you though, you must use discrimination. Do something that actually stands a chance of working! There’s an adventure in the offing. You have long wanted to try something, to experience a particular feeling or to go to a certain place. Somehow, the chance to fulfil that ambition is now present. It may be immediately possible or it may be that you are now sowing the seed of a plan that can come to fruition in time. Whichever it is, don’t feel afraid of the unknown. Only by pushing back certain boundaries will you discover what you are capable of – and what’s possible. Without doubt though, you have a glorious opportunity before you. (Your omen for the month is coins).



The planets this month causes you to see opportunity in very broad public matters. If your aim gets broader than your capacities (and it may!) you can be a drifter with high principles and little to show for them. If your abilities are up to your aims, you go far, for then you will see opportunity in all manner of big public things, and the free flow of your energies in these directions will lead effortlessly to success. Nothing is too big for you to envision, and even if it’s too big for you to tackle or master, you still dare to think about it, and why not! But, in order to keep from building castles in the air, you will need to strive to find the practical and rough methods by which they may be constructed into houses of earth. Learn the value of security and strong foundations. Your tendency is to see life through high-minded ideals is very noble, but, to actually get anywhere in manifesting them work on each brick at a time. Use building a house as an analogy perhaps? Where would you start? What will it look like. What are the essential functions? (Your omen for the month is a house, watch for colours)


Well….that was fun. Ok, it was absolutely and utterly frustratingly horrid, but, how much joy did you feel when you did finally let go? You now know even more so what it means to have to live it rather than just hear about it. You can be told the truth a 1000 times but it means nothing until you choose to hear it. Here you are now, a new level of awareness, a gift, a milestone, a miracle. What’s next? WHO CARES! How much more adventure and excitement is there when we learn to simply accept what is, rather than try to shape what we want. The universe has much better plans for you, its just a messy yucky thing to emerge from the stagnant pool you have been hiding in, that thick layer of guck you dreaded having to make your way through to get to the surface just got thicker and thicker over time, but, by now you should have emerged. Cough up the residue, wash up, its time for some fun! (Your omen for the month is creepy crawlies, sorry but they do serve a purpose!)


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