October 2015


You are entering into a situation that seems to be tailor-made for your talents. People are becoming more appreciative of your abilities, and this in turn is providing a much needed boost to your confidence. You keep wondering whether you need to plan a revolution. Is it time to rise up and rebel against an oppressor? You have put up with too much for too long. If not for yourself then at least for those who rely on you? There’s an unacceptable side to your current situation and you have to fight it. You can’t do this overnight. Before you can do it at all, you have to work out who or what needs to be deposed. The problem is not necessarily another person or group of people; it could be an attitude within your own mind which is robbing you of the freedom to express yourself. Try to consider all this before you succumb to a temptation that you later regret. But don’t be too concerned if you simply cannot manage to summon objectivity. Maybe you need to hit an extreme. You are going through a demanding phase of your life. The urge to rebel is intensifying. So too is the urge to run away. Yet it seems fairly clear you can’t do either. You are being required to conform to the various expectations that others have. You are going through motions, acting out roles and playing parts which don’t make too much sense to you, yet which you feel you have no choice but to keep up. Meanwhile, something in your heart is re-evaluating everything. This may be causing you to feel challenged and awkward but it is actually a very healthy process. You do need to change something and you need to change it fairly soon. And maybe, just maybe you need to stop thinking about this and just do what you really feel it is appropriate to do!


Think back to some of the greatest mistakes of your life. Remember the moments when you found yourself on the wrong side of a threshold, past a point of no return, or just in a pickle you couldn’t get out of. Now recall the way those situations turned themselves around. Which of them would you seriously undo, unpick or alter even if you possibly could? These weren’t mistakes, they were essential steps. What you are doing now is something that is every bit as positive as it is big. You are empire building. As all experiences are relative, we cannot belittle the importance of your ambition by suggesting that it is small compared to someone else’s. To you, the plan or project which you wish to pursue is a major, significant one. It deserves respect. It also deserves success. Will it attain either? That depends on how seriously you take your current commitment. Drop or abandon your idea and it will soon evaporate. Nurture it and you will be amazed and delighted by the result.


Forget all the nonsense that tells you that the mind is your enemy, that your ego is out for evil, even to its own demise. Like all power, or magic, it can be used for good, or evil. It ALL counts. Legend has it that, for as long as the Earth is turning, one human being will have power over the destiny of the planet. This individual may not even realise how important he or she is. Though they may wonder why at times they appear to lead a charmed life. Could that special soul be you? Might you be capable of mustering more magic than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams? Well, one thing’s for sure. You are now determined to alter the outcome of a particular process. And you may yet succeed.


Bad times are sometimes easier to deal with than good times. When trouble strikes we instantly know what we need to do. We need to get out of trouble! Or, at least, we need to try. What are we supposed to do when there is no great challenge or problem? Should we just relax and enjoy ourselves? Or should we strive to make the most of the peace and do something especially fruitful or creative? You can consider yourself entitled to do pretty much whatever you feel inclined to do now. Other than worry. While the sky is supporting you just let that which wants you, have you. Be aware though, before you adopt this philosophy, that depression doesn’t desire you, deprivation detests you and unhappiness finds you abhorrent. They dislike us as much as we dislike them and they especially dislike those of us who dislike ourselves enough to imagine otherwise. Having thus ruled out the chance of you falling under the wrong kind of spell now, let us turn our attention to the right type of magic. Somewhere in your world a very positive process is unfolding. Someone needs you, something requires you, somewhere, there’s a place you’re supposed to be and a person you’re supposed to be with, for the time being at least. Allow yourself to be drawn.


Everyone’s got a sob story. Everyone. Even the people who seek to be sources of cheer and inspiration have a secret cause for complaint. But then, everyone’s got a cause for celebration too. Everyone. Even those who seem to be leading lives that are little short of a living hell have their sources of compensation and their secret reasons to feel, at least, a little cheerful. Be careful with your compassion. Watch too, for your desire to make everything okay for everyone. Be generous and warm-hearted by all means, but remember that some people take genuine pleasure in feeling hard done by and it might be very cruel to deprive them of this. But hey, just for the fun of it you may decide that at this particular time, there’s good reason to be cruel to be kind.


If you are riding on a rapidly turning merry-go-round, there is a sure way to decrease the dizziness: head for the absolute centre. There nothing is moving at all. By analogy you’re now caught up in a cavalcade of chaos. It’s being made worse by the fact that so many people have different ideas about what’s going on, what ought to be happening – and which way is the wisest. One person though, has facts not theories. Hook up to the source of truth, not rumour and everything will be automatically fine. And keep your sense of humour handy. Various impossible situations, ludicrous challenges and ridiculous dramas will soon present themselves. While some may appear to be linked to a serious matter there is, nonetheless, something almost laughable about the way pressure is piling up. The planets suggests that you could as easily experience constant challenge and chaos BUT as long as you can manage to see the funny side, or to remember what really matters, you’ll also find it easy to see what to do for the best. If you don’t like your existing part, change the script.


Chaos reigns. Not just the usual kind of background chaos but a special kind, deliberately designed to cause upheaval in the areas of life that matter most to you. How, you may wonder, can chaos be ’deliberately designed’? You are quite right. It cannot be. That’s a clue to the true nature of the drama which is now unfolding. It has a definite purpose, even if you are not so sure that it is one you like. Be glad of what seems so unsettled. It is re-arranging itself in a way that will eventually do you many favours. You are now under the influence of an astrological phenomenon. Sometimes you plan a holiday, consider a house move or contemplate migration. Sometimes, the desire is not for physical change but spiritual transformation. You begin to want a life with more meaning and depth. You start seeking a deeper, broader understanding of the universe and your particular place within it. You begin to become intensely aware that there are a strictly limited number of seconds in every minute, minutes in every hour, hours in every day and days in every week. This, you feel, is why it is so important to think hard about how you are spending your precious time. The restless mood you now find yourself in is a familiar one and, for all the discomfort it may be bringing, it’s a healthy one. Something old, tired and redundant DOES need to be altered and now you begin to get your chance to change it.


A very strong image has entered your mind. You can’t seem to block it out or forget about it. There’s something you feel very attracted to, intrigued by and excited about. The sky suggests you have very little chance of banishing this thought. That doesn’t mean though, that you have to follow it or act on it. There are other more ordinary tasks and issues to attend to now. If that which is beckoning to you really has validity and relevance, it will wait till you are in a better position to make a move. What’s needed now is dexterity, skill, wit, ingenuity and creativity. It’s difficult to summon any of that while you are feeling inclined to force something. As you begin to relax your grip on something that’s hardly worth holding onto, you will be able to pick up instead, something subtle, small but extremely significant. This will prove far more useful. And if your life leaves a little something to be desired, fear not. You are a rather wonderful little something..and eventually you will be very much desired!


Imagine you are being taught how to drive. You sit down and the instructor says, ‘Here’s the pedal that makes it go. And here’s what you do to steer it.’ You go, ‘Thanks very much. That makes a great deal of sense.’ The instructor is about to show you one more crucial thing, but you run out of time. You will learn that next lesson. A few days later, you rashly decide to go driving on your own. ‘Hey, why not? I know what to do.’ Right now, you can only see half of what you need to see within a sensitive situation. Does it bug you to not know? To only have half the information with no reliable resource at your beck and call to provide answers? It would most people. Incubation is an essential part of the process. Wait. You won’t be disappointed.



Is misery real and happiness false? It certainly seems that way when you hurt yourself. Try telling someone whose nerve ends are on fire, that ”pain is all in the mind.” Then again, try telling someone who is deeply in love that their experience is merely a whim. Just as our mental and physical experiences are equally valid, so are our hopes and fears are equally powerful. Belief, be it positive or negative, is one of the strongest forces in this world. Place your faith in something truly worth trusting during this testing astrological time. And, difficult though you’re likely to find it, try not to be too illogical. When you are compiling a jigsaw you can’t just grab some piece of the puzzle that looks as if it is nearly right and then jam it in. It either fits or it doesn’t. Same with a crossword. You need to be precise. Many things in this world can be fudged and distorted. Sometimes the ability to improvise creatively is far more important than the desire to be rigidly correct. But not now, not in your current situation. You are being moody or broody with good reason. If you can’t put your finger on what’s bothering you don’t assume it’s just some vaguely indulgent sense of self-pity that you have succumbed to. Seek the true, specific cause of your discomfort. After a moment’s distraction when you inadvertently mistake a symptom for the problem itself, you will spot the real culprit. Something which, for a while has been irritatingly wrong is about to prove totally untenable. That’s inconvenient. But it’s better than compounding a big mistake. Above all, please do not quit before the lesson is done, or the miracle occurs.



Living is a fine balance of letting go and holding on. In this sense, indecision is often not a curse but a blessing. It is a process by which you can find your centre. If you have let go of something and are worrying that you have made a mistake, don’t. If you have held on for too long, you may soon be forced to reach a clear conclusion. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. This one is teaching you about the power of self-discipline, discrimination…and determination. You may also find that what you let go of will find its way back to you, stronger. In the meantime, stick to your own path, find its middle, and you will not regret what’s coming.


As the long-awaited Age of Aquarius now begins to dawn, the stakes are being raised. Sources of light are getting brighter. Manifestations of darkness are getting more intense. That which is unpleasant within human nature is starting to look truly ugly. That which is divine is starting to shine. Hence the extreme contrast in your world at the moment. You are no longer able to see so many shades of grey. You either have to believe or leave, to give your heart or depart, to feel sure, or insecure. That’s actually good, even if it is intense. Trust the distinction you are now starting to make and the discrimination that you are being granted. Eventually you will arrive at a place then where various, disparate lines converge. Your life is becoming like a symphony, black and white strokes of the piano merging through one tune….entering the closing movement in which all previous themes are reprised and blended. Or like a novel in which the subplots are, with each passing chapter, revealing themselves to be ever more crucial to the main tale. I don’t mean to imply that there’s anything ’final’ about what’s happening now. Your journey will go on for many more delightful miles… but soon, you’ll reach a clear conclusion about which major road you’re due to go down next. The sky tells us that an array of bewildering options is boiling down to one inevitable choice.


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