September 2015


You can only devote yourself when you are free. You can make decisions easily when you know what your values are. Liberation from conditioning is key this month. You know what liberation means, how it feels, what it looks like, but this all goes away when you start feeling it and seeing it through someone else’s eyes, let alone a multi-eyed being called society. When did you stop being you? The same time everyone else did, as soon as we began our journey. That’s what the journey is all about, finding your true self. With this month’s planetary dynamics all the repeated shocks you’ve been zapped with over time are starting to lessen. Once the lesson is learned then the shocks lessen! You are beginning to understand what you DON’T look like and what you DON’T feel like. Time to devote yourself to being you. In between illusion and truth (synonymous with joy) is choice. All we need as humans is the freedom to be in that place. Start exercising your freedom.


Life is suddenly starting to look more hopeful and encouraging. This may be a brief ray of sunshine peeping through heavy cloud….or it may be the start of a wonderful new season. You are becoming stronger in every way: emotionally, materially, creatively and financially. But if you want this to last, you have to be fair, even if you feel sorely tempted to express a strong bias. How else can you do full justice to the task that you have been entrusted with? There’s a need now to acquire information and to research every aspect of an important story. You may well find once you have gathered all the evidence that your initial conclusion was correct. But what if it wasn’t? There’s too much at stake. It is dangerous and irresponsible to be impulsive. You really must do your homework. The reward for this will be a helpful extra coincidence that surprises and delights you…and here you thought you were slipping under the happy harvest radar!


Finish this sentence: My Dream Project is__________. Forget why you think it cannot happen, forget how you are going to pull it off, forget all the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ because guess what, YES. That is all you need to know. Place your hand over your heart as many times as you can this month and say it: YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES…. Whether you fear things are going to stay the same forever or you actively want everything to remain static, there has to be movement and progress soon. Once it begins to happen properly you’ll feel very glad that times have changed so decisively and so dramatically.


Well that was intense. Are you glad August is behind you? Are you proud of how you dealt with all the little surprises? You should be. You know a lot more than you knew before. You have reason though, to wish that you didn’t know some of it. Information, once it enters the brain, cannot be removed. Generally we find some way to make it palatable. We attach a comforting explanation to it or, better yet, we broaden our view of life so as to accommodate the discovery. Soon, you will become truly glad that you know what you know. Meanwhile, your best bet is to forget the past and focus on the future. Never mind what has happened, no matter how agitated it is making you feel. It is now part of a history you need to move on from. There’s a temptation at the moment to analyse a somewhat confusing situation. What does it mean? What is it teaching you? What should you now do to turn things to your advantage? Unless you’re willing to get bogged down in a very academic debate which will ultimately leave you none the wiser, drop the whole topic. Be similarly determined not to enter into pointless arguments or aggravating discussions which end up going nowhere. Just head where you know it’s bright, light and right. Divine intervention will look after any unpalatable details.


Love can be exalting, absolute and exclusive. This month your sensitivity is lively and you experience your emotions and your feelings to the fullest. You are passionate and undeniable. You give your love totally. Love is the best thing in the world and the most rewarding for you. Therefore you do not hesitate to show unlimited generosity… as long as you are not disappointed. Meet others halfway. Halfway means that both are open and receptive to each other. It must be mutually voluntary. Yes you have a lot to offer, more than most, backed with a load of energy, but always give others the chance to say no. That way when it is a yes you know it was a free choice.


Virgo’s is a natural in a service role, a humble person who does not seek the limelight, and are usually content to simply get on with tasks that make the world a better place in a thoroughly down to earth way. This love of harmony and ritual brings us the sacred ceremonial features of life where we must cleanse our bodies & homes to release accumulated physical and energetic impurities. You also have a natural ability to take others under your wing to help them along with placing some methodical progress in their lives, especially where the need is there but the know-how isn’t.  What is in fact pat of progress may be seen by them to be another obstacle. Highlight the milestones to them. There may be some grieving involved with someone in your circles. They may not ask you for help but I’m fairly certain it will be welcomed. Prayer is also 10 times more powerful when you do it on behalf of someone else. Open some doors for those who are too weak to do it themselves. Feel your heart expand with joy this month as you quietly guide someone through a tough time.


Some dreams never die. It doesn’t matter how experienced we become, how set in our ways we grow or how hard the world tries to beat our imagination into some more conventional shape. We may suspect we will never gain the means to fulfil our secret ambition, but that doesn’t cause the vision to pack up and leave town. It just shrinks and hides, in some quiet corner of our mind, biding its time. There is something you have long, long wanted to do. There’s a chance now, if you want to take it. No idea what I am talking about? Its not an idea you need…your mind is not what you need to consult. Let your heart talk. Give it room to breath, take it away to a quiet place where you can have an intimate conversation with it. It has been waiting for a very long time to be heard. The sky is facilitating this conversation. Listen.


Most people of spiritual depth are not fans of their egos. They sweep them under the rug, or lock them in an underground cabin to open and observe when they are feeling particularly immune to its taunting, only to shut the door again in either disgust or fear. They disassociate themselves from what they define as the false part of themselves, mindful of the illusion. Scorpio’s know that that itself is an illusion. They not only allow the ego to roam around, they wrap a loving arm around its shoulders and call it comrade. You know the truth, you know the secret to working with shadows is to bring it into the light. You can only know this if you know your light. You don’t need to kill the ego, it has no power over you, any more. Some of you don’t know how you know this, it is just part of your instinct and intuition. Hard to explain. This month something drops into your consciousness to help you see how you came to this place of comfort. This in turn is something you can pass on to someone who sorely needs to understand. Help them.


How dare you even think about it? Don’t you know your place? Can’t you see the need to stay within a safe set of boundaries? Aren’t you wise enough by now to see the danger of reaching for some distant dream? Pull back, back off, give up. Settle instead for the dull, the tedious, the obvious and the sensible. Then you can really prove to the world what a boring nonentity you are! And that IS what you want to do, isn’t it? It isn’t? Well then, let me ask you some more questions. Whose permission do you require? Who are you obliged to consult? Who must you take great care not to offend? What is the secret hold that a certain person has over you? You have more freedom now, than you realise. Maybe that’s partly why you are subconsciously looking for reasons to feel restricted. Perhaps you want to be told that you can’t do something or go somewhere. Like an adolescent, testing the parental boundaries, you want, on the one hand, to rebel and go your own way yet, on the other, to feel the security of a rule or two. So which experience do you want more? Nothing is stopping you other than your own desire to be stopped. Take that wild road. Don’t expect it to be easy. But do expect it to prove extremely gratifying. You have spent too long in chains. Now it is time to break free and explore all the options that have been denied to you.


Magical things traditionally happen with this kind of celestial picture. The majority of the magic is going to be directed, in some way, towards you. A revelation or deep discovery of some kind is on the way to you now. What’s happening is the build up to a moment of breath taking transformation, although you can be forgiven at times, for suspecting that it is the calm before some devastating storm. Whenever you experience this just stop, draw a deep breath, count to ten and think again. You may or may not change your mind but you will benefit from a conscious effort to look closely at whatever is unnerving you. By the time this month’s aspect is over you will not feel inclined to worry about quite the same issues that are currently preoccupying you. It is overly optimistic to suggest you will have nothing left to feel bothered about but it is fair to say you will have less. Much that urgently needs to be re-examined is being re-examined. There is however only so much re-examining a person can do. Soon you’ll have to implement a positive course of action. That will be easy as long as you retain a sense of perspective and avoid the tendency to go round in circles. In theory, we can be confident characters who let nothing deter or dissuade us. In practice, as you well know, this is sometimes only an act to hide the uncertainty that we so often feel. The sky suggests an eventful time ahead but not necessarily a bad one. If you can find the courage to ask for help when you need it, this will not make you look foolish. It will earn you respect. Furthermore, it will GET you the help, at which point, a source of stress will turn to a sense of satisfaction. Help doesn’t always come from human hands. Remember that magic exists.


You’ll discover yourself able to fulfil many of your worldly and material needs, and even improve your own social standing with ease this month. You will also soon see that none of this material progress is actually making you smile! You’ll may feel frustrated or restless and it may even be as though, every time you overcome a problem or conquer a hurdle in your life you only become twice as aware of the next thing that needs doing, and the next thing, and the thing after that. The trick is to stop concentrating on the THINGS that are happening in your life and start thinking about the FEELINGS that are happening in your heart. This is your chance to grow wiser, stronger, and more compassionate. It’s a chance, if you’ll let it, to develop the most human and loving side of your nature. A side effect of the alternating experiences of growth and frustration that colour this period will be a profound change in the way you relate to others. Where before you may have been dismissive of other people’s opinions, you will begin to open your mind. Even if you don’t change your beliefs, you’ll begin to perceive others beliefs as unique and interesting expressions of their personality, and not as threatening representations of something you disagree with. . There will be moments when you forget yourself for long moments and see the world as them. This new spirit of acceptance will make you more popular. Thus, more people will take you into their confidence and more opportunities will present themselves. If you are wise, you will use this period not for what it can give you materially, though that’s bound to be a lot, but for what it can give you ‘spiritually’. That said, you can expect a lot of adventure, excitement and genuine, worldly gains to come your way over the coming weeks.


The power of prayer is immense. You do not need to be of any religious denomination to pray, you don’t need to know certain words or concepts; all you need is sincerity and truth. Some of us are afraid to pray because of this. It means stripping back all the lies and illusions to first identify what we do actually want, and this in turn means seeing how we ourselves created those lies and illusions to pad us and protect us until we are strong enough to face the truth. How silly when you realise the truth is wonderful and joyful. It’s the death of the illusions that hurt. Have some courage this month to allow a lie to die. Do not judge it, or yourself. We are all part of this journey and we all share in the illusions. It is part of the human condition. The greater the joy the greater the lie that blocks our path, the greater the courage needed to disarm it. You do this by letting it go, breath it away, shrug it off your back, have a good chuckle….and expect the good stuff to come.


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