December 23 2014..Get ready for a 3 year Hug!

Saturn in Scorpio….Transformative hibernation..but its time to emerge from the Cave!!!

Scorpio dominant people are the most misunderstood of all. They are all about intensity and contradictions. They like to be aware of a situation and always know what’s going on, figuring this out with their probing mind. They are very capable of hiding their true feelings and motivations. On the inside they are delving into their matter how dark and perilous. If you cross their path you may not know how epic their journey actually is, or what they bear around their necks.

When the task master Saturn entered Scorpio in late 2012 we all, like Frodo in Lord of the Rings, stepped foot onto Sauron’s territory.


As spiritual seekers we first need to eradicate ourselves from untruths, rings, and an all-seeing eye that controls and keeps us in the dark. What better way to do this than in Scorpio style.

You live in a quantum universe where everything is true and nothing is true. You let the whole world project their fantasies on you and if things turn out their way fine. If they don’t, well, it was their fantasy, not yours.

You exist on many planes at once. The thing is it’s not all random, as Saturn in Scorpio has revealed to you over the past 2 years. Despite any resistance you may have to dogma or doctrines cooked up by small-minded sages, self-appointed swamis and pseudo-philosophers who had no conception of the breadth and scope of the potential of human consciousness, you have a chance to learn valuable lessons now and gather a precious gift to enlighten you more than you are already enlightened.

The false notion that the spiritually inclined run around spreading fairy dust, and wait for the mother ship to come and transport them to a higher dimension has led so many intellects to lose confidence the minute they hear the word spiritual. How wrong they are to prejudge and cast their prejudices your way.

You’ve been around. You are sophisticated. You are an old soul. So you’re not very interested in most of the bullshit you read in books or hear from the mouths of most idiots who claim to have answers. You assimilate your knowledge through experience and intuition, and you can always tell a fake from the genuine article (almost always). You’ve been fooled more than once by your own admitted gullibility.

You fall into ‘Namaste Speak’ where the closest thing you can call spiritual has come from Buddha-land, Osho-land, or any culture where the spiritual has thrived and been a way of life. Then one day you realise that although you went against the norm you fell into another which is equally not yours. You simply rejected one system to fall into another. You spoke it, you surrounded yourself with the peripheral spiritual trinkets and paraphernalia, but it still only came from the outside, and only meant something if others validated it.

We had an opportunity, with Saturn passing through Scorpio, to learn new tricks we haven’t thought of and come to a greater understanding of life.

For one thing, you will find that you are not all completely free from your own prejudices and pre-judgments. This could come as a shock to some who believe they are just simply completely open, loving beings accepting of all races, creeds, colors, nationalities, sexual preferences, and political beliefs.

On December 23 Saturn leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius.

What you are seeking now is not merely knowledge. Anyone can be clever. You are seeking wisdom from now on.


Everything that has been stuffed inside mercifully comes out. It is a time of healing. The process, however, demands that all the darkest material is also released.

Relationships always pass through a scary crisis, mainly because in a couple or partnership only true intimacy will keep it real.

Avoiding intimacy, and instead, discussing trends, movies, politics, family, new dimensions, salvation, or everything ‘out there’ instead of the real dynamics, is essentially driving you apart and keeping you from being close.

Throwing light and love at someone is not true intimacy. It’s a superficial connection.

When you’re alone, and there is nobody else around to perform you’re dance to, the darkest thoughts can rise up from the depths.

Don’t be afraid of them. They are only inventions of your own mind, figments of your imagination. Don’t have to suppress or deny them or think you are bad or ugly or loveless or crazy or evil.

You do NOT have to act on them at all, mainly because they are not real. They are part of the cleaning out process, the healing, the releasing of all these dusty, cobwebs, dead spiders and cockroaches lying around on the shelves of your mind.

They are the stuff books and movies are made of.

Fruitful notions that make good fiction and contemplation of alternate realities in other dimensions, things that COULD occur, are only thoughts, inventions of our own mind.

These are fleeting notions, part of the departure from Scorpio, fantasies, nothing to be afraid of.

This is merely the process of spiritualization.

Look with perspective on your journey and face the truth of the brevity of life.

When Saturn leaves Scorpio and is no longer tempered by Mars and Pluto, life will be amplified by Jupiter.

You awaken like Scrooge on Christmas Day, to a new life, a new youth, a new joy with a host of options and possibilities that lie before you.

The noise around December 21 2012, which coincided with Saturn entering Scorpio, marked the beginning of a spiritual chapter, new ideas erupted and rose to the surface, but its now time to make a choice: stay on the brand-wagon, or say thank you for the ride, thank you for sparking something inside which opened my eyes to the many contradictions, and start another chapter.

Don’t get stuck in the cave, it was only part of the journey.

Its time to emerge and put to use what you have learned, and what better way than in hospitable Sagittarius style?

Get ready for a hug that will last 3 years!!

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3 thoughts on “December 23 2014..Get ready for a 3 year Hug!

  1. wow!! I came across this and am very happy! I know deep inside and have been thought bad of by a few on my journey. I could never explain fully so I let go. As I am also ready to leave the cave!


    1. We all get caught up in our fears, its what spurs us! But glad you are not being drowned by mass conditioning inside the cave. Its such a safe & populated place where you don’t have to be accountable. But you definitely have like minded people outside of the collective, even if just a few! “Without contraries there can be no progression” 🙂


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