All My Life Lessons on One Page

Each of us (our incarnation) is a lens to view the same thing. Same thing, different perceptions.

If awakening/ enlightenment, is to see beyond these oppositions and polarities, then we would not be here, incarnated, would we?

Is there a way of experiencing non-duality and still be incarnated?

Non-Duality is an experience without opposite and it cannot be reconciled with illusions.

It means “not two” or “one undivided without a second”. Non-dualism primarily refers to a mature state of consciousness, in which the dichotomy of I-other is “transcended”, and awareness is described as “centerless” and “without dichotomies” (Wikipedia).

Most religions (that go beyond literal interpretations of their main texts) claim that we are here as fragments of a divine power, being, God [insert your word here], a oneess that wanted to experience itself, so bang, an outside perspective was created looking in, mirrors/ incarnations everywhere.

Contrast, regardless of the opposition, gives definition by flagging opposites.  We cannot identify illusions without contrast. We cannot find ourselves without finding who we are not, hence our failed relationships. The irreconcilability of these connections, broken mirrors, are great paths to finding what we are not. What’s left is our authentic selves.

“Without opposition there can be no progression” (William Blake, Marriage of Heaven & Hell)

What we call being “spiritually awakened” is the self-realizing of our own habitual pattern of misperceiving that distorts reality, and therefore, also obscures our own truth. It is this not-knowing of ourselves, based upon all of our assumptions, that is the true source of emotional and existential suffering.

If Love is the experience of accepting everything as it is, as you are…(and I mean the before part when you are still making mistakes and growing, the middle bit when you are kind of waking up but still judgemental and sceptical, and the after bit as that joy and love you have towards everything settles in as a non-negotiable)…the ONE, then pain is seeing everything as MANY, outside of you, without you, and you without it. Fear is born when we both resist and experience this through the mind, thinking.

SO, unconditional love is seeing everything as YOU, therefore YOU are IT which is ONE.  We are non-dual, but our minds are lenses which creates the duality.

Meditation is quietening the mind.

Its not about searching for & becoming authentic, but rather ceasing to be inauthentic. The secret to having it all is knowing u already do.

There is no where to get to because it is here.





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