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Why fear is your f(r)iend

Source: Why fear is your f(r)iend

The Truth

Source: Excerpt from Mirror Mirror… The Truth

The Misery of Awakening

Source: The Misery of Awakening

Are you suffering from pre-mature Meditation?

Read all the books? Joined that guided meditation group…yoga class…paying 10x for organic produce at that trendy little store…know the jargon….identified your “Pain body”?…How is that all working out for you? Meditation…

An A’ha Moment

We project it out until we take ownership & heal it with   Source: An A’ha Moment  

Get off the Karma Triangle & onto the Dharma Triangle

Source: The Dharma Triangle

The Man Who Sold his Air Guitar – Spiritual Frauds, pull back the curtain

Source: The Man Who Sold his Air Guitar