Any form of divination does not offer a prediction of your future but are a means to help you create your future.

This is about finding your magic Now.

Once you do, you will no longer require external maps.

Major Arcana Archetypes

Everything in the universe is interconnected, events, the patterns in your natal chart, the grains at the bottom of your coffee cup, or the happenings in another person’s life, are all an interface of an invisible force. The seeming randomness of divination is itself part of this process.

Carl Jung coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to describe such meaningful coincidences. 

A Tarot card selected is prompted by something inner that needs to be expressed or must become manifest in the outer world at that moment.

Until this day I am continually wowed by the clarity divination provides.

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Otherwise here are some of the best Free Online Tarot sites I have come across:

My Divination

Angel Messengers

Raven’s Tarot

Tarot Goddess

Zap Oracle

Even when my eyes see darkness I believe the sun is still shining…even if I don’t believe it… the sun is still shining

Discover your inner sun

..and you will never fear darkness again.

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