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The art of divination reading was misrepresented when it started to be used for  fortune-telling. Fortune telling relies on a presupposition that your life is set, predestined, with little required from you except to show up. In a way this is correct, but the destination is not set by external forces, but by YOU, interacting and creating a momentum to move forward, to find/lose yourself.

Like a hologram, cards are projections of an inner aspect of your true self, a reality which goes far beyond a comprehension our lower minds can grasp, realities which cannot really be spoken of in human language, realities which are the basis of both your conscious and unconscious states. Therefore, the cards, coins, sticks, runes, or any other tools of divination, can be cryptic and strange.

When I wanted to throw my inner contents out onto a table to get a nice bird’s eye view of the inner happenings of my higher self, I sometimes used the Tarot.

Below are my interpretations of the Tarot Major Arcana in light of a journey towards Awakening.

0 – The Fool (The Seeker, You)

The Fool is Zero point. The Fool is a spirit in search of experience. The Fool doesn’t know what the risks are because he has not yet experienced the hazards. It’s not a leap of faith he takes off the cliff, he doesn’t know what ‘faith’ means. The word has no external definition. He just is and does, like a child, like your inner child. Like a stranger in a strange land we don’t know the customs, language, terrain. It is all relative to the moment. The Fool is in the ultimate state of NOW in a world with external realities not yet understood. The Fool needs to learn to look all risks in the face. When the Fool does come across the first hazard, he might seek some answers, not to know the future, but to know how to keep the state of joy he feels NOW, which takes us to our next card. The Fool is the spirit in search of a human experience. It begins here, again.

1 – The Magician

The Magician is a creator, an alchemist. He is the source. He moves, changes, talks, shapes and conjures one thing from other things. He makes nothing, 0, into something, 1. He then takes this something and looks for a way to share it. The Magician takes what is hidden, and makes it tangible, throwing his wand about to show you what you are capable of.

2 – The High Priestess

The High Priestess is your innate truth. Messages can come to you from all sorts of places, but the best ones come from inside you. The High Priestess is your higher self. Somewhere inside is a spark of the sun, hidden under veils and layers of untruths. Its where evidence of the life force can be found.

3 – The Empress

The Empress is that part of us that wants to take a seedling of that life force and nurture it. It is a beginning. From two a third emerges. Its about making the environment accommodating and supportive. The time for the actual success may or may not be now, but the time to provide for it is now.

4 – The Emperor

The Emperor is the part of us that wants to hold it all together, and devise ways to make it grow into a huge success. Its here we learn all about power, and how to gain abundance by letting go of it.

5 – The Hierophant

The Hierophant is your teacher. It can be a person, nature, a group, religion, TV, the internet, the innernet, the poem you wrote, a song you heard, an experience, a book etc. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Whether you realize it or not, there is a lesson ready to emerge from inside of you, and something is going to shine a light on it. Its about the patience we need in learning what you need. Its the abyss, a place where too much information can cause a cataclysm, which can erupt into the one thing we are all in search for.

6 – The Lovers

The Lovers are your projections. There are two paths. Without contraries there can be no progression -William Blake (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell). Through our relationships we learn to see the contrast and hold them both without judging or becoming polarized, the goal is radical self-transformation.

7 – The Chariot

The Chariot is about riding the dynamic of opposing forces towards one goal. If we can reign in body, mind and spirit to pull the same vessel that carries our light, figuratively speaking, we will find the key to a harmonious existence.

8 – Strength

Strength is about rising to the challenge of eradicating destructive behaviors through cohesion and endurance. Its the drive required to progress, and the courage required to be you in the face of many coaxing ‘thems.’

9 – The Hermit

The Hermit is where we retreat and take time to reflect on the details, and empty the mind of clutter. The Devil is in the details. Giving mindful attention to the self-talk can shift us into a new awareness.

10 – The Wheel of Fortune

Its through The Wheel of Fortune we deal with outside forces. The inevitability of perpetual change through life’s cycles has to be accepted. Here we learn that we sometimes do not have any control over some external circumstances, but we do have a large say in our relationship to them.

11 – Justice

Justice is all about adjustment and balance. It is an impartial step back from a situation to regain ground and progress having all the facts in mind. When you realise you are the sole generator of your universe you can no longer lean on external elements. You will need to stand firm and balance yourself. You cannot lean against projections.

12 – The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is all about stopping to evaluate that which can be sacrificed. We don’t always get what we want, but are always guaranteed what we need. You can change a bad situation by gaining a new perspective, losing ground to gain a new vista. In changing ourselves we redefine and recreate circumstances.

13 – Death

Death is about transformation and metamorphosis. It is a death of the external illusion. It can be a mindful relinquishing of a control we think we have, or a painful resistance. There is always an answer if you are not afraid to receive it.  Deep in the mind we are attracted to the very things we are afraid of, until we are done with them. Say goodbye to your friend fear with pain, or say goodbye to the illusion you are still attached to with joy. Its going to happen either way.

14 – Temperance

Temperance is about finding the middle ground through the reconciliation of opposites. In understanding two extremes we get an insight into the middle path, which is groundless.

15 – The Devil 

The Devil is where we stare our shadows in the face, to hopefully realize they are a figment of our imagination. Its here we learn that desire is part of the human condition, however attachment to desire is driven by fear. Whether the fear is conscious or buried, it paralyzes us and prevents us from going forward. The Devil has done such an outstanding job when we realize he does not exist. Nonetheless, the Devil is a friend and helper on our journey.

16 – The Tower

The Tower is a deconstruction of everything you thought you knew. Your perspective is shattered. You can choose to embrace the groundless truth, or resist its reality. Once the tower is down you are out in the open with nothing but yourself. It’s a breakthrough, a deliverance.

17- The Star 

The Star is about seeing the light amongst the shadows. Once you hold that light in your hand all shadows disappear. It removes all barriers to what you are looking for, unity and integration.

18 – The Moon 

The Moon is where we see cycles, ebb and flow. There are multiple dimensions and what we see today will look different tomorrow. Recognize the projection as a projection and nothing more. It is all relative.

19 – TAll_Seeing_Eye_by_csiphonhe Sun

The Sun is the ultimate YES. It breaks through when you realize your inner truth. It is the life force that allows all to blossom. Its here we awaken to the truth, that there was no separation after all.

20 – Judgment

The Judgement card is all about rebirth and resurrection, remembering. It represents mindfulness and awareness. Its here you realize there is no here.

21 – The World

The World is about breaking through back to the Now. It is a successful completion, harmony, universal consciousness.


Now you are ready to jump off that same cliff, or not, but with a different purpose, or not.


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