Mirror mirror on the wall…

Inside each of us are symbols and archetypes, emotions & instincts that we share with every other human being. Only our outer selves separate us.

Seeing that separation is a GREAT thing. You can learn a lot about yourself through relationships.

People can be a penetrating mirror that aid in the revelation of hidden aspects of yourself, both your shadows and inner light. Most of the time we are not conscious of this mirror. We call it love and them soul-mates. Which is exactly how it should be, until the day you awaken to the truth.

Would you light a candle because you were told a story about being in the dark? It would hold more value if you were actually in the dark. I’ve shared below my own dark times, times that helped me find my light. Sit down and have a conversation with yourself and you will find you have yours.

The past is like a broken mirror and as you piece it together and finally see the image, you won’t believe the reflection is the true you anymore.

Here are my broken pieces:

The lie that taught me how to Lie

The lie that taught me how to Survive

The lie that taught me how to Hide

The lie that taught me how to Fight

The lie that taught me how to Flee

The lie that taught me how to Love

The lie that taught me how to Roar

The lie that taught me how to Share

The lie that taught me how to Transform

The lie that taught me how to Tell the Truth

One more Lie..The one that taught me how to Live NEW

You Always Attract…until you find it within….

You Me at Six – Always Attract

When you are ready to let go, step back from the projection, the photograph, the video, the Google description, the media packaging, the selfie, the label, the mirror reflection and all the rest. What you find will be nothing but the blissful truth. Its here you get to share without detracting anything from yourself.

                The Truth

When we act from a place of truth, manifesting our will is exciting, energizing & exhilarating, even the scary, challenging or tedious parts.

When you start conquering old demons and releasing locked up strength back into your psyche, it will come off as pure raw strength. You will become calmly protective of your own personal truth and integrity… a champion for justice. …and everything reunites and integrates.

You can re-write the past but the real challenge is re-writing the future.

Just remember to bury your ghosts….

Rudimental – Powerless

Please feel free to contact me at truthiamcom@gmail.com anytime. I am very happy to connect with you.

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done Two – Ella Eyre

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