The Fight

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People think that their partners cheat because they find another more attractive. Apparently not so. Some cheat to regain, or maintain control. This phantom control seems to steer most of us at some stage. We perpetuate norms, exploit others and start wars because of this mirage. It’s the heart of one-up-man-ship.

Regardless of why, it hurts a lot.

When you choose to take someone’s hand and venture out into the world, you are sometimes unprepared for what lurks in the shadows, especially when you lean against something you thought was 100% solid. Thankfully I started fine-tuning my survival skills from the age of 2, so when my gut told me something was going on I listened. I had some talents I would never use for evil, but self-preservation is never evil, so I hacked into his computer where I found the information I needed.

Mind you it took me 18 months to see signs. Time always exposes cheaters because liars are inconsistent and you watch the patterns emerge. What is revealed however can only be seen by willing eyes.

I called her up, introduced myself on the phone and invited her over. She was completely unaware of me and she was out for blood. I timed it so she was sitting on the sofa with her back to the door when he came home from work. I savoured every second of it, from the bag dropping from his hand, his agape mouth stuttering syllables, to my hurrying him out the front door after a screaming and teary ‘other woman’, “go after her, she needs you.” I regained control.

I stayed with him, regaining my strength and planning for a painless getaway. Six months later he came home from band practice with lipstick on his chin. “Why do you have lipstick on your chin?”

…..“It must be from when you kissed me goodbye this morning.”

“I’m not wearing lipstick today.”



…[I’d like to give some context to what happened next. The day before, I met a man whose writings had inspired me to make an epic shift in my life 2 years prior. The events leading up to how and why I met Paulo Coelho is another story, but in that meeting something was reignited and fired up inside of me. After months of walking a scheming, downtrodden, bitter path, I was elated, walking a much higher path. The universe sent me so much strength and energy that what happened next seemed like a miracle.]…

I fell onto the floor… laughing. The whole situation was ludicrous. I left him the next day.

You me at Six – Reckless

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