My Voice


The Path to Truth

Shadows on The Wall

Letting Go



Spiritual Frauds

The Misery of Awakening

Everything I’ve learned on One Page

Short Stories & Poems:

An A’ha Moment

Once Upon a Time…

A Million Little Pieces

Epic Journey

While you were Under…

A Story about True Colours




Breaking The Cycle

I Hate You

Why fear is your f(r)iend

Dickheads….they are real

When No Means YES

Depression: A flag of Transformation

Deconstruction (Anti-Mass):

Law of Dis traction

The Man Who Sold His Air Guitar

The Dharma Triangle

Be Yourself…everyone else is taken..

How to Sell Enlightenment to Eskimos..

My favorite Dimension is the 3rd…

Law of Attraction….you’re doing it wrong..


U2 – The Miracle


Truth I Am

Mirror Mirror

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