A Million Little Pieces

Once upon a time there was a girl named Hope. She loved to play all day until she was ready to sleep. One day she was playing in the garden at the back of her house with her puppy. The house sat on a beautiful green hill near a large forest.

All of a sudden her puppy ran away from the house, down the hill and into the forest. She followed the puppy, even though her parents always told her to never go into the forest alone. She was worried about her puppy and decided to find it.

After walking through the woods for some time Hope realized that it was getting thicker, darker and colder. She began to feel scared and turned to run home but tripped over a bright orange mushroom. The next thing that happened was astonishing. Hope broke into many small pieces that hit the ground. She did not know what to think, so she started crying.

Then, she heard a voice, a deep friendly voice that said “don’t you worry child, I have something that will fix you.” Standing over her many pieces stood a large snail with a bucket and brush in his hand. He began to join all of Hope’s pieces together with something he called ‘Magic Glue.’

Gradually but surely the snail had glued together all the pieces. Hope now stood before him. She did not know how to thank the snail.

“I am so grateful, but I don’t know how to repay you.”

He replied that he needed one thing back from her, a promise to take some guidance. He said: “the glue will only work if you stop playing for at least 24 hours. It will need time to set strong. Please remember this advice. It is all I ask for in return.”

Hope promised the snail she would do as he advised and with a large smile on her face, she starting making her way out of the forest back home.

As she exited the thick forest she could hear her puppy yelping. So excited to see he was safe and well, she ran towards him and started playing with him immediately on the hillside.

All of a sudden Hope remembered the snail’s advice and stopped. “Oh I hope I did not ruin the magic glue from working.” She stopped, inspected herself, and seeing no harm was done set off home with her puppy to sit quietly with her toys in her bedroom. She not only stopped playing for 24 hours, but she stopped playing for much longer than required.

Years later, little Hope grew up and moved on from the house on the hill. She lived in a blue house now overlooking the ocean. One warm sunny day she went down to the ocean for a swim.

Standing in the water as the waves lapped around her legs, Hope stretched out her arms, and dived into the blue water.

The next thing that happened was astonishing. Hope broke into a million little pieces as she hit the water. But she wasn’t too worried about it this time.

She enjoyed being the sparkle playing on the ocean instead.


Swedish House Mafia – Don’t you Worry Child…Heaven’s got a plan for you…

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