Until we awaken we are all addicted to something…….

….No exception.

Your addiction could be something harmful to your material existence, mental, emotional, others, nature.  You could be addicted to drugs, food, control, research, TV,  work, exercise, yoga, chatting, shopping, sex, laziness, money, cleverness, attention,  religion, spiritual concepts,  collecting items, absolutely any form of fix that comes from outside of you and seemingly alleviates or distracts you from a deep seated pain you are unwilling to face. At heart it all stems from one thing and one thing alone, a fear of the empty.

There is one thing that can overcome any of these addictions, but you have to really embrace the essence of it, the completeness of it, the truth of it. It is 4 simple words.

It does not matter

Addiction is there to create stress and guilt. You know if the problem gets solved the ego will no longer have a reason to exist.  A mass communal ego we call society has defined addictions, empowered them with judgement, charity and anything else that gives it a right to survive.

A problem is a living breathing entity, until it gets solved.

It does not need solving….It does not matter

The ego thrives on its host, and does not care that its growth relies on its host demise, which inevitably means its own demise.

It does not care. Your lower self does not care. Each and every time you do not care know that it is your ego not caring.

This emptiness your ego is so scared of is in fact not an emptiness at all. Its simply not recognised by the ego because it has not the eyes to see it, it cannot speak its language. There is no one standing at the door with a brochure, no books published on it, no web site explaining it, there are no frills to pretty it up.  It can only be found by you and you alone, and once you are there you will understand why it is pointless to explain it.

Just remember the next time you get caught up in a war with your addiction:

It does not matter…..

…and the ego absolutely hates this truth.

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