Letting Go

Many have spoken and written about  awakening. There are a lot of people out there who are all doing what they can to share their insights to encourage us through the many veils and illusions, going against an amassing body of distortion. If you are reading about awakening chances are you are ready to take that first step.

The first step is Letting go. It is also the hardest one. It can be an act of faith, or the next marking on your in-built treasure map, or the surrender of an exhausted mind. It does not matter what your original incentive is.

Once you have taken that step, the path starts unfolding. To give it a tangible look and feel, I’ll describe the path as a passage you find yourself in when you close the door on a familiar room that you are done with. The process of being done is a natural one. You do this in hope of making your way to a brighter room at the end of the dark tunnel. You know its there but you don’t know why or how you know. Its not because others have told you so.

As you close the door behind you you lose site of all the familiar walls, paths and items that you previously navigated through and around. You initially find that you have lost all bearings.

In this dark tunnel a few things can happen. You can move forward with blind faith that you are moving in the right direction, bumping into unidentified items and strangers. You are a stranger in a strange land now and have only your conviction to carry you.

Many falter and take the help of dim voices and shadows, projecting onto them their inner beliefs. They are guides, helpers, thresh-hold guardians. Are they really? Your fears set in and you trust them. Panic takes hold and the voices suddenly tell you you are alone and failing with no real light at the end of the tunnel, but they can make you feel at home in this dark passage. How can they be wrong with such loving affirmations coming from their mouths? You feed these fears with quick fixes, convinced that you are lost without them. The mass who lurk in these hallways offer you help to alleviate your suffering. Now you are blind in more ways than one. You have help to numb the pain but this help is preventing you from moving forward.

Another option is to end it all, quiet the fears and hope forever. Both have brought you nothing but disappointment. You believe in nothing now. The farce is up and you call its bluff. You end it all here, only to be sent back to the original room to start all over again.

Another option is to keep inner sight of the hope that spurred you out of the familiar surroundings in the first place. Your inner eyes lead you. You stop all outside distraction and move on, step by step. You firmly stand your ground and refuse help from the shadows. You come to know them well, their favorite corners, their tempting hands that reach out to you. “Come, we will help you.” You are on their turf and they outnumber you. Respect them and their choices. Do not solicit their wrath. Say no, but do not judge their journey. You may even learn to feel compassion and understand their process. The risks you originally felt they posed are not as frightening when you walk their path. Just move decidedly on. Eventually your eyes will adjust to this dark passage and the shadows do not seem as scarey. You see you are not at as much risk as you originally thought. You will begin to see a dim but apparent light coming from a certain direction.

You follow your instinct and make your way forward, telling the thresh-hold guardians nothing so as not to entice pointless negotiation. There is no need to say goodbye here. They have lost interest anyway. When you don’t see them they don’t see you.

Do not get stuck in the tunnel. Do not let the masses pull you in. Say goodbye and move into the brighter room. There are friends waiting for you there. Its here you witness miracles unfold.

Awakening is a right of passage. In order to construct a new life, you must first deconstruct everything you know. For some it happens completely by external circumstance. A tower collapses and your self-preservation kicks in. You gain a new perspective. For some it is through a fall from grace. You have nothing left to lose in the world you knew. You find liberation in striving for your newly acquainted higher self. For others its a slow numbing realization that you could be more. Your energy has changed, even at a cellular level. Things don’t add up. You have everything you have been conditioned to want, except fulfillment. And for others it is a voluntary exit based on pure faith, in their self. These people have the advantage of taking a candle with them.

There is no need to take anyone with you.

Some may follow.

Lior – Bedouin Song

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel is not an Illusion,

the Tunnel is.

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