Be yourself…everyone else is taken…

Never forget that as a spirit seeker you are also a leader. As you reveal truths and resurrect them from the lies and distortions we have been subtly, but powerfully, subjected to over the centuries, and today, you awaken portals to others wishing to make the same journey. Some of us do it intellectually through writing, some through poetry, some through hugs, some through challenging injustice, some through gardening, some through art, cooking, playing, meditation, the list goes on.

Every one of you becomes a teaching tool to others. Your honesty, communication and authenticity becomes a beacon to others.

Your wisdom has been earned through bravery and endurance.

Your suffering has been crystallized into a talisman.

Be fully authentic and lead with love.

This is not about superiority. If you believe you are already at the top you won’t do much more climbing. It is about self-worth and recognizing the value of your adventure.

Do not be afraid to debunk and expose a mass of distortion, regardless of how many believe in it, and how current it is. Stop looking to the past to expose lies, they live amongst us now.

If you simply discover your truth you have done more than your share towards our universal goal.

Leadership does not mean others follow, leadership means being a creator.

Cut through the conditioning and the echoes of institutionalized spirituality and be your truth.

A lower frequency is always transformed by the higher. Let your higher self resonate and charge any room you walk into.

Never doubt your self.  Empower others to be the same by simply being your greatest potential.

Even as a minority of one the truth is the truth.

It is no secret.

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