Breaking the Cycle

Its very hard to keep filling what you thought was a hole inside of you when you realize its not empty after all. Breaking the cycle of a bad habit or addiction comes as a natural occurrence when you heal yourself through awareness.

Turning your back to the sun does not make the sun go away, it only gives you a better view of your shadows. Good to know they are there, good to know how to make them disappear.  You cannot eliminate risks if you don’t know what they are.

Abstinence from bodily pleasures is not required. Anything that veils your spirit will naturally fall away once you fill your intentions with your true will. Where love and light lives, ego gratification cannot.

Your body is your vehicle in this life. Your desires are part of the human condition. Its your attachment to desire that keeps you stuck in a habitual cycle.

At a cellular level our bodies change when we allow our spirit to shine a light on our shadows. Our DNA transforms and aligns itself with a universal DNA. Being aware is all you need to do to start merging into this. We connect to a source that is the same source nature taps into. When this starts to happen your addictions start to drop away naturally. Its a wholesale end of the cycle, everything falls into place like dominoes falling. Don’t be surprised when your body starts purging all the nasties, its simply pushing it all to the surface to allow it to heal. Better that than your body building a little garbage container that stops containing all the garbage when it overflows.

All the habits you resort to to numb the pain of your separation from your true source fall away when the natural source is allowed to shine and cure you from the inside. This includes alcohol, drugs, nicotine, over or under eating and other habits like bulimia. Abstinence summons up your conscious will to stop, what some call ‘will power’, but it doesn’t change the cause of the habit. You are working from the outside in, which is much harder than working from the inside out.

Habits help us escape, and routine helps us fill a very large gap. The gap itself is actually not a gap at all. Its a deep center of self-love, the elixir, or philosopher’s stone, which many are afraid to find. It would mean giving up the fight, or the flight, our best friend who has been with us since we can consciously remember.Sun2

This friend is actually our shadow, veil, ego, demon, all the above. It gets you through those tough times, but its slowly damn-ing up a deep pool of self-love inside of you. You can get to the door of this pool through reflecting, feeling, thinking, analyzing, trusting, but the thing that breaks that door down is self-forgiveness.

You are human, and as a human you will trial paths to either explore, or escape, or atone, or punish yourself for being less than what you believe you should be. The truth is all you have to be is human.

To exist, denial depends on what it denies.

Forgive yourself instead of denying what you feel are mistakes that have somehow made you a bad person.

Behind the many veils is a dynamic source which is waiting patiently to be given permission to come out and shine its light on this shadow friend of yours. It wants to flow through you.


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Sometimes I turn my back to the sun just to see how huge my shadow is, then I remember the sun is bigger.

Aaron Lewis (Staind) – Outside

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