Epic Journey

Last night I took a journey to my toe

I left my head through my torso down my leg to the end of my foot

Short in length but an remote holiday from my mind I took

My travels began weeks ago after many days and nights of resistance

What did I fear?

What was I letting go of?

Why was it terrifying to close the door behind my head and leap into the unfamiliar?

The path was dark.
I felt my way outside the perimeter

I hovered there for nights, not willing to let go

I knew I had to leave the known to get there

I battled dark nights

I won the battle

I trusted that I was safe….eventually

I now go and come at ease

My toe has no eyes

My ego feared my absence

Self-conscious of how small it looked from that distance

We are now better friends for it

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 Copyright © 2014 TruthIAM. All rights reserved.

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