With Eyes Wide Open….

….what do you see now?

Ah maaaaaannnn….who let the dickhead in..

Some people are simply dickheads, and until you leave the life which involves external realities, regardless of whether they are a bi-product of the 3rd dimension, projections, or whatever other theory you embrace, you are best to recognize them by looking them square in the eyes, otherwise they will always invade your world.

Most dickheads don’t know they are dickheads. Some do. Some are acting out their pain, some are soliciting anger to punish themselves, some are in denial, some are trying to find ways to build their self-esteem, some have serious issues to burn off, some have allowed their shadow’s complete reign, some are living out a role on the drama triangle, the list goes on. We have all fallen in this category in some degree on our journey. To say you haven’t would be a lie. You can’t always convert them, you can however fine tune your dickhead radar so you can avoid their territory, and filter them out of yours.

You may have met a dickhead in the moment in time prior to their metamorphosing into a lovely pillar of temperance, where they have been to the extremes of darkness and sin, and the extremes of fairy dust and unsolicited hugs. That click onto the middle path may be seconds away. It may be years away, life-times away. No need to judge, its their journey. They own it.

Don’t hug them for Fk sake. You are ALLOWED TO GET ANGRY. All emotions have a time, place and measure. Until we are in a neutral state of oneness this is reality.

Perhaps avoiding them is a gift to them. Perhaps your exiting their territory, or exiling them from yours is the lesson they need to recognise their behaviour pattern.

Blind faith is not effective. Strip back the frills and open your eyes so you can identify the obstacles to navigate around. Dickheads are obstacles that sometimes come in inviting packages. Scratch beneath the surface, learn, understand, see, hear and know a dickhead when you see one.

Sometimes you yourself are the dickhead. I know when I was a dickhead the resistance I encountered were my biggest life changing lessons.

Sometimes a dickhead is not a person, but a situation that embodies the spirit of dickheadness. Treat it the same, study it, recognize it, why is it in your life? Why should it leave your life? Feed the lesson into your dickhead radar bank. In this way you progress your path with less trips and falls.

Take none of it personally.


Staind – Outside

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