How to sell Spiritual Enlightenment to Eskimos..

Truth I Am: “Hi guys, how are you? Hey, nice igloo, nearly as nice as the one on the other side of the mountain!”

Eskimos: *exchanged looks*

Truth I Am: “Just wondering, out here you just relieve yourselves anywhere right? I hope so because that’s what I told that very large group of trekkers a while ago. I’ve never seen snow turn 3 different shades of yellow so fast”

Eskimos: *gasp*

Truth I Am: “Hey, while I’m here, did any of you need some fresh snow? I’ve got a few waterproof bags just outside going at half price”

Why would anyone buy anything they already have? People usually invest in something when they value it, don’t believe they have it, and the only way they can get it, is to buy it.

If I gave everyone $1000 to spend on one item I am fairly sure each person would buy a different item.

If, however, I gave everyone in a particular group $1000 then it may be safer to say that a larger percentage of people would buy the same item, dependent on geography, availability, trend, immediate needs, etc. But how could you iMake everyone iDo that?

Some people buy items because they are trusted. Some because of the quality, proven success, tradition, or because it has dominated the market and is hard NOT to. Why do you purchase one brand over another? Why do travelers, who are removed from their relative groupthink, come back with similar iconic souvenirs from certain countries? Why do they sell more stuffed Koalas in Australia than stuffed red back spiders?

Branding was a method initially used to differentiate one person’s cattle from another by means of a distinctive symbol burned into the animal’s hide with a hot iron seal. Over time it has subsequently been used in sales and marketing.

How can we take this phenomenon and use it to sell Enlightenment?

Before you ponder on that, answer these questions: What is the difference between learning and brainwashing? What is the difference between action and complacency?

My answer..Nothing.

I would suggest there is however a fine line which can be deepened with the presence of personal choice. Back to one of my favorite words: Empowerment. You cannot challenge the status quo and improve things without it.

William Blake, one of my favorite artists and visionary writers said it all in 1790: “All that is now proven was once only imagined.” We operate on hindsight but foresight can be the path changer.

Spiritual theories only provide the tools. A paradigm can only go so far. It is a matter of meeting it half-way, bringing YOU and your true will into the mix.

There is no need to buy or sell paths to enlightenment. We were born on the path. Its simply a matter of keeping on it. Take in theories, diverge, investigate different views and the experience of others, but always follow your inner voice, it exists in intrinsic truth. Sift through external tools very carefully, be mindful. Just because others buy into it does not make it the right way for you. It may shine a spotlight, but never think it is brighter than the light that shines inside you whether you see it or not.

Trust….trust you.

Note: My friends the Eskimos have since put up signage and hired an occupational hygienist to test the area after the clean-up and waste management project was complete. Inspections of the site will continue and all Eskimos are required to undergo substantial health monitoring. New policies regarding site access have been written and ICT personal are working on a system to slow down the computers which clock too fast in the cold so that Eskimos can actually access the policies. Software training will be compulsory. A security boom gate has been installed and appropriate staff hired. Their online induction now includes 27 slides on Ice Awareness. Given the extra staff required to service operations, further staff were hired to recruit suitable professionals and a contract management specialist was brought in to oversee this. He recently hired an assistant. Their new PR Manager is setting up a trekker awareness program with local tourist organizations. The cost of this exercise was large, many jobs were created along with an Eskimo Institution of Ice Consciousness. They now have a website and blog. The first item of discussion showcased local community news reports advising how no huskies were contaminated in the process (This is how an institution is born).



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