Law of Attraction…you’re doing it wrong…

The Law of Attraction (LOA) craze has swept the globe. People all over the world have heard of, prescribed to, or promoted The Secret and have sworn by the difference it has made in their lives.

We are invited to believe that we create our reality and what we continue to experience is a result of what we are sending out in the form of emotions, or vibrations, into the universe, or our world at large.

Without clarity around what LOA actually is there is a huge potential of an unhealthy habit infiltrating individual and society’s mind alike. Many are repressing & suppressing what is deemed to be negative emotions in order to show the universe only their hopeful happy face so that it will quickly send back to them, like a mirror, what they want in their lives. People are afraid to express anger, frustration, sadistic thoughts, all with the fear that if they should think it it will appear in their lives. Others are disavowing that positive thinking actually works. Where is the money and the soulmate I have been promised as a result of all these positive affirmations? Have I failed? I can’t even get this right.

The universe will deliver everything you desire as soon as you give up the desire. Hmmm….riddle? No, it means stop LOA-ing by believing it exists outside you. Desire is very normal and essential to our survival. Attachment to desire is where it all falls down. Now, how do I trick myself into pretending I DON’T want the money and soulmate and all the other wonderful things? It doesn’t work that way.

I worked a contract on an oil rig a while back. The newly appointed rig manager had a soft copy of The Secret made for the whole crew on a USB stick and encouraged them all to find time to watch it. He boasted of the career advancement and money he had acquired since he had adopted its philosophy. By the end of a 3 week roster everyone had watched it, and with a glint in the communal eye, were all talking about what they desired. By the time we all returned for another roster a couple of weeks later the morale of the crew was low. Bad things had happened in the lives of many and the rig manager had some explaining to do. 1 week later the rig manager himself was burnt when his wife took out a large portion of their savings to help out her sister who was in financial strife. The crew were glad he was suffering as compensation for giving them false hope. Someone even joked that his sister-in-law’s LOA was stronger than his. 2 months later the company folded and the rig manager was made redundant along with the whole crew.  The local indigenous groups were very happy to be rid of the contraption that was desecrating their land.

It is truly important to be clear on what we want. If we don’t know what we want we will continue to send out diluted or confused intentions and consequently we will experience a diluted or disparate form of what we were hoping for.  In other words, if we want to attract money, the real focus should be on what we want the money for, specifically “how will having money make me feel?”  You might find its safety or security you are really after. You might start changing your spending habits or you might even begin to realise its not a lack of money, but your relationship to money that is holding you back. Perhaps you want money to purchase gap fillers to avoid that scary free time. Perhaps you wish to spend money on objects that other people approve of to give you a sense of belonging.

Or perhaps you have some shadow work to do in that area? Perhaps you need to change your perspective and find that what you want was there all along, much more attainable now that impeding limitations to your energy and motivation have been lifted. You may choose to act differently, or act at all, rather than wait for it to arrive.

Creating our reality can be easy if we allow ourselves to understand the conditioning that has bound us since we can remember, and step into a new level of understanding with the trust that different thinking and feeling may be just the thing needed to manifest your heart’s desires.

Manifestation isn’t potent if you think you need to attract it to yourself. It works most powerfully when you realize that it is already a reality. It’s already there, but you just need a change of perspective to see it. When you fully realize it’s already a reality, you feel the power of it. Its then you can move with it, step into it, rather than draw it to you. Sometimes the greatest achievements in life happen after our greatest losses. Decrease is as much part of life as gain. Trimming down, cleaning up, making room for something new to emerge. Worry is emotional interest you pay based on fears of past hardships which you project onto future debts you may never owe. Worry also paralyses your energy. If you see the lows to be as important as the highs you have already gained twice as much.

Invest in some shadow work, understand your dark side and how it serves an essential purpose on your journey. Understand why you hate, or why you get angry, or why you judge, and you will get to the essence of you. With everything broken apart and brought to the surface we can then start to become mindful of it, understand how it has subconsciously driven or hindered us, and heal. We project our shadows out to avoid facing it within ourselves, but its still part of us whether you are conscious of them or not. Being conscious of them is far more empowering.

You will be truly amazed at how quickly fear leaves our lives once you stare it in the face.

You will be even more amazed at how the Law of Attraction then becomes redundant.


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