..Who are you kidding?

There is so much current information on meditation that it has been very easy to pull on this new trendy coat and blend in with the masses, the ones with the peaceful looks on their faces, handing out forgiveness and blessings from a calm serene pool of never ending love. I know how it sounds and looks, I know the words, the smells, I read the books, I know what a pain body is.

I tried it, It works. I fit the coat. I was miserable, and very angry. I was suffering from premature meditation.

Medication relaxes the conscious you, your muscles, your thoughts. It eliminates all outside distractions. Outside distractions are what we invite into our lives to clutter and mess up our path so we trip over. See? life threw me another curb ball, I’m onto you life you mischievous trickster you, I will conquer my fears, I will climb over this obstacle, with fellow blessed souls flanking my every efforts [INSET AFFIRMATION HERE].


Meditation has been practiced for many aeons.

Outside distractions are scapegoats, tangible obstacles we can conquer, blame, flaunt, compare, run from, run to etc. Its all a lie to avoid the deeply submerged inner turmoil that you have accumulated since you landed in this incarnation and before. Cutting yourself off from the source of lies that you conjured up in the first place does not mean you automatically find truth. How about instead of grabbing a grape and musing upon its life from seed to wine, you eat it for the sustenance, and face yourself. Open all the chakras you want buddy, unless you hit that ultra sore spot deep inside you with as much noise and anger and hatred as any human can possibly muster, your serene expression will develop nothing but wrinkles and chinks with time (please don’t literally hit any living thing..if you must a rolling pin and pillow will do). If you don’t explode, or implode, it will slowly seep through you and calcify your soul and creativity. Bring it all up to the surface, turn yourself inside out like deep pockets and observe. The anger and sadness will dissipate.

Face your demons, scream at them, tell them what you really think, fight them, and when you are spent…then go rest under that tree.

..and when you are ready …channel that source you don’t know you tapped into…share it.

Disclaimer: Please note this was my journey, which I share with others who may have hit a similar impasse. I would have appreciated this information when I hit mine! 

If you are in need of guided assistance try this method to get your angries out: Dynamic Meditation

For more information look up Spiritual Bypassing…..or read The Man who sold his air Guitar

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6 thoughts on “Meditation…

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  2. So very true, my dear! Well, in my experience anyway. The dark night of the soul (or more than one, or one in several parts) seems to be a crucial part in the process of utter undoing – a complete systems crash – in order to reboot without that blasted “me” getting in the way. Chakras are pretty, colorful and interesting and all, as well as all that vibe raising too, but it was passing through the fire that gave any of those any depth to where all that either translates now, or is seen for the utter meaninglessness that quite a lot of it is. Until then we are masters of making up the meaningless (yet stimulating!) and icing it up nice to sell it to our own selves and each other.

    Bravo for always calling things to the mat. 🙂

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    1. You get it beautiful friend. My heart goes out to everyone who starts the journey of deconstructing the false self, but get stuck with the broken pieces of themselves, wanting to kill the falseness and not realising to kill that is to kill themselves. It is all one unit..its about realizing that wholeness, but we don’t always know how to convert the false into truth and befriend it. We judge it, and we pay truth lip service, mostly unintentionally. On the surface we are doing the right thing by the eyes and definitions of others, but we are delaying our joy, and the joy of anyone else who listens to us, rather than our inner guides. I do love the people who walk this earth who empower that inner guide. You are a gentle warrior and I love that our paths have crossed x


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