Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Alithea. Alithea was no ordinary girl, she has a special feature that everybody knew about, except her. You see this special feature was hidden from her own sight but visible to everyone else. Everyone else didn’t know that she couldn’t see it, I mean com’on, how could you miss something that big, and pretty and well…pulsating with such energy. But nonetheless, Alithea had yet to lay her eyes on her special feature.

What is it you ask? It was her heart! Yes we all have one, but Alithea’s was different. She had hers on the outside.

How could she miss it you ask? This is the interesting bit.

Alithea was a very outgoing and trusting girl. So when the opportunity arose to walk through an enchanted forest, to jump over bright colorful toadstools, and to play with the birds and animals, she took it. One time though she tripped over one of the most colorful mushrooms she had ever seen. It shone so bright it mesmerized her. Little did she know that it was placed there by a controlling wild boar. He didn’t like girls who played in his precious forest without his permission and was determined to punish her. Since she took advantage of what he loved most, he would give her a dose of her own medicine.

As Alithea lay on the ground, stunned and disheveled, the boar blew magic dust in her eyes and spoke these words:

“Little girl who likes to play
Bring what you love out today
May what you treasure be brought to light
But of it you will have no sight
Many will enjoy it, enchanted
Many will take it and you for granted
Only one will help you see through
But He must speak “I love you”
Not with just his tongue, mind and mouth
But with his heart, oh yes, while facing South”

By the time Alithea picked herself off the ground the wild boar was gone, but his spell remained.

Until this day no ‘He’ had been able to break the spell. Some came close and she did get glimpses of her special feature, but this quickly faded when either the words were spoken with no heart, or, it was in the wrong direction.

Then, one day, Alithea caught a break…..

…. to be continued…..

Train – Drops of Jupiter

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