The Man Who Sold his Air Guitar

A number of years ago when ebay monopolized the online shopping market a man advertised an Air guitar. He even modeled it. When the auction was over he lovingly wrapped it and posted it off to the successful bidder for $4. Excellent!

Everywhere I look on the internet now someone is selling an Air Guitar, but people are paying MUCH more for it, without transparency, or the benefit of a good joke.

The new ‘have to have’ item is not an air guitar, but your spiritual transformation. I’m not talking about organized religion, I am talking about institutionalized spirituality.

Many have jumped onto this Brandwagon, decked it out with Tibetan flags, slapped some Om Sweet Om stickers on it, blasted some eastern chanting skit, and are now on the road selling you the path to Ascension. Some of these people even had significant financial backing and TV expOsure.

If you get enough people projecting the same images and concepts out into the world it creates a reality. You can even create and perpetuate a norm these days by buying a norm group. There is a multitude of scriptures and text that speaks of spiritual concepts, enlightenment and an existence beyond what is empirically known, but the recent boom exploits the fact that it is all so mysterious and it does not need to be proven. It exploits the faith of multitudes of seekers.

I will tell you this: anyone that can describe anything outside the 3rd dimension without an accompanying discourse on string theory, dark matter, DNA and quantum physics is lying. Anyone who describes a spiritual ‘hierarchy’ is lying. Anyone that promises to take you into these other dimensions is lying. Anyone that teaches overcoming a duality is lying. These people never left the cave, they were cowering in the corner watching everything happening, watching your innate need to know and scheming a way to make a buck. They have approached you with streamers flying telling you there is a new reality and THEY will show you the way. “Come…..join us…follow.” Empowering others to go within to find the truth is one thing, but claiming you have in your hot little hands the tools to awaken them for a price, is another.

‘Namaste’ yourself all the way to the bank oh wise one, you know you are a liar.

I know a quantum healer. I attended one of her guided meditation sessions a few years back after meeting her through a mutual friend. It was my first ever meditation. By the end of the session I stumbled out on the main strip where she was hiring a room, fell onto the pavement and cried my eyes out for over an hour, in pure joy. Her guided meditation took me to where I needed to go and broke something open revealing an answer. She was a catalyst. I brought the cauldron and the ingredients. I am grateful to her. Since then a new perspective has opened up to me. I have crossed paths with many other healers in hope of receiving similar experiences, but they have that same glint in the eye, what I now recognize as the spark of greed. I’m learning with many of these people that unless I think and behave like a victim, with an open wallet extended out to them, they have no interest. If you want to impart and share your own findings with them, a vibe of toxic competition arises. They are all screaming “Pay me to save you…pay me to save the world…” yet they are miserable and yet to experience a fraction of the joy available inside them. If you have the courage to read eyes you can see the pain. So I walk away from it. In saying that I believe in quantum healing itself.

I get online and travel to different stalls and communities all peddling some quick fix product or external answers. At first I say “finally, I knew I wasn’t alone, here you all are” until I scratch beneath the surface and discover the farce. There is even unspoken political correctness in these communities about what to say, how to say it in return for some kind of spiritual validation.  There are so many books and sessions to purchase. Its just too easy to give your dosh away.  Money is energy, use it for good. Things don’t get institutionalized with a big flashing neon sign saying ‘institution in progress.’ It happens over time by people who want to control,  exploit, or validate the fears that spur them. Most of the time it is an unconscious drive.

Years ago when I wrote my PhD on spiritual awakening (disguised as comparative philosophy) I could not find a resource accepted in the western world past William Blake and the Bhagavad Gita, and even that took a few book burnings, colonizations and wars. The topic was controversial at the time. I was born into a religion that believed in reincarnation but I was too restricted from talking about it because it was not the accepted thing. It was also a religion where we could not disclose the truth to the ‘uninitiated.’ I walked this earth for many years believing in something no one else did. I was exiled the day I was born and when my beliefs were finally embraced by a vast majority, I started understanding them in a deeper way. Again I find myself with no way of conversing about the truth, but this time it matters less.  Now I am still walking a physical path alone, but this time I could not be happier. This time I bump into kind souls who don’t grab at me. We tap into the same well.


If these healers take you to where you want to go believe this, they were a catalyst based on your belief in the search. It all came from YOU. You wanted it, you believed, you got there. If you believe it, it is true. If you need external factors / people to validate what you believe so be it. But it is still you, don’t ever think otherwise. Go along for the ride for as long as you need the transport. Get off when you arrive.

It angered me to see where the real proverbial antichrist was working, through the ascension peddlers of the world, amongst other peddlers, one large mass of stupidity exploiting the pain of others. There is nothing ‘virtuous’ about them. Yes I judged them. But was it judgement or discernment? Was it first belief then disillusionment? Was it my journey. I doubted myself for a few moments of my life, as you do when you become brainwashed into definitive answers. Pack the label maker away.

I cannot describe to you what it is like to awaken from a slumber, it was through my lens. You will get there, and you may need to get there through all the rubbish others are putting out there before you do, it may be part of your journey, but please don’t linger there for long. You can recognize the spiritual pain mongers by knowing this, if you are truly ‘awake’ you will not want to pad your pockets selling it..

As for all those who are pushing down that little niggling voice saying “she is onto me”… but stuck around to read this post because denial is a wonderful thing and if you agree with me it means you are actually authentic and not a spiritual sleaze……..…some may pay the ‘tolle’ but nature always wins.

Thank you for reading.

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