The Truth about spiritual influencers

The truth about most of the highly read spiritual influencers of today is that they are actively perpetuating pain and denial.

You do not need a bad guy to be a good guy. Its a made up polarity of victim versus righteousness. Both roles are not authentic.

The ultimate purpose of our existence is to integrate all facets of ourselves, not to deny them, not to build them separate homes to protect them from each other. It is NOT about pitting good against evil.

Always remember, the message is one, the messengers are many. In addition to this the messengers filter the message through their own knowing.

Eckhart Tolle is not about integration. He has found an ancient message, understood a portion of it, based on his own knowing, and is now promoting the fragmented person. The pain body is NOT a truth. To break away from it is to break away from a vital organ and expect to continue living. He has created a numbed army of people who judge themselves and others on how we should all be feeling and thinking according to Tolle’s prescriptions.  (who did a very poor job at translating the essence of the original writings).

Doreen Virtue does not understand or promote integration. She has fed the hungry egos of many with her painted landscape of angels and fairies, and has even provided a guidebook on which one you are. She is feeding a desire to answer questions that plague us all, and has wrongly filled the gaps.

Abraham Hicks does not promote integration. She, Esther, is riding on a wave formed by a desperate mass need to find joy and happiness with external manifestations. She has created a culture of failure. You will NOT attract bad things if you work through why you feel the pain. Its not a magnetic trap. She understands the crux of the problem very well, so much so that she can never be proven wrong in tangible terms.

When things click into place logically, it feels right, like a drug, it works for the moment. But what is manifesting as a result at other levels? These teachers are not holistic in their approach because they do not include real and necessary dimensions. Time always uncovers the truth.

All that these people are doing is creating a self-righteous judgemental culture of (still) miserable souls, who just think they are healed. To know you are not healed is better than to think you are. On top of this, they have created a new norm group, a spiritual institution. The psychic medium tarot reading craze is one result of what these people have created. When enough people paint a picture of the realm beyond what is tangible, it becomes a reality, and psychic mediums are the gatekeepers to this made up world.  A cult is a cult, regardless if it starts in a dingy basement or on YouTube.

All that these people have done is provided you with guidelines of what you should be, how it looks, sounds, what words to use. A group think mob of Namaste parrots.

How do they get us? Everyone of us is the star of our own movie, in our minds we are the chosen one, unique, special, waiting for that knock on the door telling us its time to lead the world with our special gift. Or, waiting for that miracle cure to take all the pain we feel away. They simply validate this.

They also delay the actual healing.

There are many out there however who do not mystify it all. They work on demystifying it.

Teal Swan, what an amazing mind. Intellectualising pain and demystifying life stage tactics, through the lens of a modern western world. Her anger and pain drove her to love and now she shares her wisdom.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM), fantastic life manual that gives you tangible practical guidance in stripping back the illusory world. It provides your mind with a new perspective, which is great because this is where the seeking starts. The opening is however in the heart.

Alan Watts, a true conduit of truth that has bridged Eastern wisdom to the Western world. He takes Neoplatonism and speaks it in ways this generation certainly hears, and some understand.

If any one of us could really feel unconditional love towards the most vile of humans, we would not be incarnated, we would be ascended (for lack of a better word, another brandwagon) in a state of enlightenment. And enlightenment cannot be described, because it is based on transcending the subject-object dichotomy between the knower & the known, and that would mean to return to the source. It is no-thing.

To exist, denial depends on what it denies. 

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