While you were under…..

If my heart had legs they would be broken

If my heart had eyes they would be scorched

If my heart had a voice, it would be mute

They say open your heart so that it can mend

I opened it and people rushed in to smash what remained

They say open it again because now you are stronger

I opened it and everything was kicked down again

They say keep it open because the same door allows joy in

All that came through was more pain

They say find your passion and all will follow

I say I know survival not passion

They say find your truth and you will awake

I say I know my truth and I am awake in pain

They say keep the trust because faith always wins

I kept the trust and have more pain

They say do not let these experiences stop you from hoping

I say hope has guaranteed me more pain

They say stop living in the past because you are attracting your pain

I say how do I stop creating my pain

They say live in the present

I say that in the present I am poor and broken

They say let your heart walk, talk, sing

They say choose love not fear

They say quiet the mind and the fears will go

They say let your light shine and the darkness will disappear

They said a lot but nobody was home


To exist, denial relies on what it denies Mr tolle.

Sadness has its place.

Acknowledge the miracle that is the 3rd Dimension:

Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering~ Dalai Lama

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